Heroine’s Journey as a Spiritual Path
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Heroine’s Journey

August 4 – September 8, 2021

Times Across Timezones

Register through August 3, 2021

The Heroine’s Journey is a powerful way of creating personal and social transformation. During this six-week course, we’ll explore the heroine’s journey in our spiritual path (as compared to the hero’s journey).

We’ll become the author and heroine of our life story, using the elements and themes of the Heroine’s Journey.

Below is a general outline of the 6-week online course:

  • Session 1 ~ The Heroine’s Journey (vs. The Hero’s Journey), Examples in Modern Culture & Mythology
  • Session 2 ~ Using the Power of Narrative for Personal and Social Transformation, Being the Author
  • Session 3 ~ The Descent, Familial Network, Power, Withdrawal and Aid in our Spiritual Journey
  • Session 4 ~ Isolation, The Search, Loss, Disguise, Surrogate Networks in our Spiritual Journey
  • Session 5 ~ Underworld, Rendered Aid, The Ascent, Negotiation and Success in our Spiritual Journey
  • Session 6 ~ Delegation, Communication, Networking and Compromise in our Spiritual Journey – Know your Communication Style!

Cost: $180 for 6 Online Sessions

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Heroine’s Journey
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