ShellsA seeker wrote me a poem a few days ago. These two lines stand out to me :

life is hard
the burden upon one’s back

Think about this for a moment:

We wear life like a turtle shell to protect ourselves while exploring life; interesting combo isn’t it?

People make life a burden in part to protect themselves.

It’s an effective tactic, but imagine the freedom attained when releasing that hardened shell of expectations, past regrets and other accumulated “sins” we imagine exist

I can take this many directions but for today just adding it to the mix to help others ponder.

Explore Taoism

Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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When one lives completely in the Present, one can “travel” the universe in complete safety…no shell required.
Happy New Year Casey and thank you for sharing your wisdom.

hermit crabs work for me.


Maybe the analogy is hermit crabs instead of turtles?

be careful of being too literal

all comparisons have limits

some people push them to breaking points, either to dismiss something that bothers them or simply to discover their own edges

Others accept it and play in the middle space of the statement to leaner more from their own being since they feel the similarity of the idea being presented.

Just a question of perspective. Mix it up , don’t always push statements to the edge and don’t always rest in the middle feeling comfortable with the middle truth

Explore the ranges presented to discover a fuller personal view point.


I have four turtles, which I keep in my son’s room. They don’t really “wear” their shells. They are born with them. We “wear” clothes. Although turtles don’t “wear” their shells, they do, as you note, offer protection. Although turtles don’t consider anything, not like reasoning beings consider things, I can’t understand them as “considering” their shells a burden. By analogy, imagine a person considering his/her feet as a burden, since they can’t use them to hold a fork and knife. Nor does one “wear” one’s feet. A mythical turtle might respond that neither does one one “wear” a shell.… Read more »