Shamanism & Spiritual Guidance
September 3, 2019
Spiritual Guidance

Hello all, I wish to say Julie’s teachings on Healing With Spiritual Light are well worth experiencing and investing in. They are uplifting and healing themselves. Her Shamanic Journeys left me with a powerful sense of refreshment and learning from my Spirit Guides. Julie is a great teacher, friendly and insightful. I recommend her!

Midlife Crisis to Transformation - A Glorious Midlife Retreat
United States
August 7, 2019
A Glorious Retreat

Both Casey and Julie created a safe, sacred place for me to learn.  We spent 4 glorious days with no set schedule or plan.  They worked with my needs as they arose and as we delved deeper into my essence.  Each small lesson they taught, expanded upon the last.  By the end of the retreat the empty holes in my heart, soul, and spirit were overflowing.  With their guidance I was able to begin to write a new story for my life, while still honoring the person that I was before. 

Midlife Crisis Retreats and Gifts
United States
June 16, 2019
Midlife Retreat

I received many gifts from my two-day Hawaiian retreat. After working together on the phone for a couple of years, Casey and Julie used the relaxed timing of the retreat to show how to pause and practice those teachings at a natural pace. Casey selected lessons for me and addressed questions as they arose, many about relationships. Julie led sessions in QiGong and shamanic visioning, sharing her insights on these tools.

Midlife Crisis, Shamanism and Taoist Teachings
United States
May 7, 2019
Reconnecting to Soul

Wonderful thank you, Julie. Even in the short time that you’ve been working with me I’ve already seen such a huge improvement. There are no words to tell you how grateful I am. You are so patient, kind, and attentive. Your kindness comes through the phone. You make me feel so comfortable and optimistic.

Learning Shamanism
United States
September 18, 2018
Learning Shamanism

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Julie and learn Shamanism. During the time I stumbled across their website, I was dealing with anxiety, having the busy-doing attitude versus being in the flow. Now, twelve weeks later, my anxiety is basically gone, and I feel more in tune with myself, my intuition, and with Spirit. There are things I have been wanting to change and things I wanted to do, and now since working with Julie I’ve been able to make those changes very easily and naturally. The best action I’ve done was reach out to Julie and explore the world of Shamanism with her as my teacher. She truly is a gift to those who work with her.

Soul Retrieval in Hawaii
United States
September 13, 2018
Soul Retrieval

I would like to thank you for the wonderful soul retrieval experience! You brought knowledge, kindness and quality to our sessions and guided me to a place of light, love and joy! You gave me back a part of myself that I thought was gone for good! Your nurturing style and suggestions brought clarity and closure, “what a profound shift in consciousness”! I have deep trust in your work and will not hesitate to recommend you to others, so they too, may experience your healing gifts.

Your session with my husband had a profound impact on him. He is definitely more like the Wayne I knew before his illness. Thank you! He is stoked to keep up the momentum and looking forward to journeying!

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