Recently, I found myself in a circle of people studying the myth of Pele and her sister Hi’iaka, where signs and synchronicity were abundant. Even though I thought it was going to be a women’s circle, it turned out to be much more (including men). Staying open and aware I was able to receive a few signs during the first hour.

One sign was that many of the people in the circle reminded me of others I’d met in the past (even though I’d actually only met one person in the room previously). I love this type of sign! The person is not the same person, however, there is something physically, energetically and/or intellectually that reminds us of the other person from our past. It catches our attention and heightens our awareness.

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If the exchanges with the past person were not good we may take more caution around the new person/situation and possibly change course.   If we had a positive exchange with the past person then we may feel there is something to learn and listen for more. This is synchronicity!

In this example, I found myself sitting next to a Jungian Psychologist. I took this sign as inspiration that I have more to learn from the Jungian archetypes, possibly emerging through the myth of Pele.


Hearing about the myth of Pele and Hi’iaka felt so in line with where I needed to be and what I needed to hear at this point in my life. It was not logical. I’d just finished some deeper dreamwork that opened up some options for personal growth. The signs around this gathering and the myth of Pele and Hi’iaka turned into a synchronicity, helping me focus the direction of my personal growth.

Another sign had to do with Pele’s skirt. In the myth, her ceremonial dress is very important and has to be just right. Earlier that day, I’d been encouraged by a spiritual teacher to pay attention for what may be my ceremonial dress while doing spiritual work. I don’t pay much attention to my clothes or fashion so to hear this twice in one day in a sacred and serious way was amazing.

I found myself in fascination, curious for what I’d learn from this circle and myth.  I could have easily chosen to experience it as “not what I expected” and left filled with disappointment. However, through the heightened awareness brought on by the signs and synchronicity, I experienced the circle as an opportunity for me to mature through a Hawaiian myth.

And, one practice that helps me live a life with more synchronicity just so happens to be a light visualization from a Hawaiian perspective called piko piko.

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