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The 2016 US elections were an incredibly intense experience. Lets look at the aftermath.

First Lesson: For those in sorrow over their loss, understand this: You didn’t lose the election. Yes, you are feeling suffering from the results. Yet it was Hillary Clinton and the DNC (not you) that lost the election by being out of touch to the people. This isn’t your loss to make real and keep yourself down. Don’t let suffering define you because it then limits what you can do in response.

Second Lesson: We can’t keep blaming others for what is happening. Society is us, and society is a dialogue. Blaming others is not a dialogue, it’s only a starting point for wars.

We need to start finding ways to come together or our world just continues to break down.

Third Lesson:

This is no longer about the Past.

So many people have gotten too deeply entangled in frustrated emotions that clear communication becomes an argument over pain and frustration of the past rather than an attempt to truly find answers for the future. Too many people have stopped trying to find answers. Rather everyone is  now only lashing out. It doesn’t matter if all the other politicians have only put fuel to burn and are also to blame.

Sadly, Trump has initiated this whole storm and he and those who followed him have to decide where they are taking their hate. Hopefully we can work to find a way to release rather than fight the hate.

If this pain / hate / anger isn’t addressed, it will rip our planet apart. Using an approach of frustrated emotional anger isn’t a solution to the world’s problems. Trump has thrown a lit match down, it’s up to the people following him if they will stir those flames up or not. History has shown those flames only destroy and never build anything better out of the results.

We cannot ignore or dismiss this force, together we do need to find a way to grow out of the hate.

Fourth Lesson:
Don’t resist the discomfort of what is happening now. Use your discomfort to push for lifestyle improvements rather than trying to reinvent your stories or ignoring what is happening.

Right now the resistance we are seeing is from  discomfort. In a few weeks many people will become numb to it and stop trying to change towards the better. So figuring out how to embrace the discomfort and then harnessing it is more important than just reacting to it. I spent the last few days not resisting my discomfort but rather taking time to learn from it and refine how I live. Asking myself questions on how to move ahead as I see future conflicts. As a result I wrote this post. As a result I will modify how I act and live more than ever.

Comfort is stasis and a trap preventing people from growing and exploring life.

Fifth Lesson: The election illustrates the power balance between logic and emotions. You can also see that you cannot counter emotion with only logic.

While logic can build a rocket to the moon, emotions can topple governments.

Handling Emotions

Here is a primer about emotions.

We are human, we cannot forget emotions drive us far more powerfully than logic many times. We like to think the best of what humans can do. We strive to be superman and live to ideals. Yet we must never forget the power of emotions to tear down what is around us.

I have helped many of you work thru emotionally charged times of your life. You know the power of emotions and how hard it’s to help a person thru these emotions get to a place with less damage.

My friend Toni just wrote:

When any group’s views are dismissed, and they are nominal-ized (and even called names such as ignorant, uneducated, and racist) their emotion buttons are pushed, and they unite and rise up.

She is right.

To reinforce Toni’s Point, Jonathan Pie more strongly states the same thing. (Warning graphic language but it does reinforce the point about emotions and how we react rather than listen when confronted by such things.)

Video Thumbnail
President Trump: How & Why...

We can’t dismiss what has happened, we need to help each other grow.

For those who did Vote for Trump here is a great article: I Have Only One Plea to start some discussion upon.

So understand our challenge ahead in helping many people around us deal with a surge of emotions and judgement. It’s hard to come to a middle ground when emotions lock down judgments. So remember the teachings of a Personal Tao to help you through these times. Don’t over push with logic. The true lesson here is to be patient and with kindness help each other step to a better place.

Don’t Run Away from the Challenge.

You will also hear people saying they will leave the USA. Leaving isn’t an answer! Such talk is only a fear response which will make things worse. Running away only deepens fear and hate in the place you left. Our world is global now and interconnected in such a way that that any fear / hate left behind will haunt us again in the future. Our truth is to withstand division, fear and hate. We stand up not in conflict but in heart. We work together to find answers.

Yes judgement and lashing emotions are currently being made public all around us. Yes it will get more intense over the next few years. People are hurting, people are fearful of the future. I will restate this because emotionally you will want to run away. We have to balance emotions and logic together. Our answer has to use both emotion and logic to deal with hurt rather than hide from the pain. We face our problems with kindness, modesty and non judgement. We can stand up against it and begin working to release every judgement that arises in front of us.

This isn’t Going to be Easy

Just because kindness is the answer doesn’t mean its going to be easy. We are going to have to resist the urge to have comfort and instead push into discomfort in going outside normal boundaries.  Also standing up doesn’t always mean to fight.

To protect the future we have to help each other release the hate being stirred up.

For example: in kindness we can help others resist abuse and attacks to keep them down. Here is a perfect example of how to help someone who is being harassed by others:

This Cartoon Totally Nails What You Should Do If You See Islam…Someone made a guide for what to do when you see Islamophobic harassment and it’s perfect

Posted by BuzzFeed World on Friday, September 9, 2016

If the video doesn’t work for you, you can go directly to the video page.

Kindness is a slow path but it works. In kindness we can become heroes.

To be Superman?

To be a hero isn’t for us to blast out holy inner fires to melt down a challenge. (That will only create more damage and problems to work against later.)

We use our inner fires gently to re-warm and re-kindle the hearts of others. This is a path into a better world for the future.

We work together to make the world better. It isn’t for us to wait for superman to save the day. This is our chance to be super, it’s our chance in modesty, kindness and non judgement help OUR world grow.

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Daughtry - Waiting for Superman (Official Video)

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If I were to meet you, I would ask a lot of questions. My only comment is to suggest that politics is not a real world, in my opinion. I suspect that your perspective will change over time, as do we all, if you also ask a lot if questions. Good luck.

Aloha Casey! I appreciate your soul searching blog. In 1956 I lived under a military junta in Maracaibo, Venezuela where I went to school and spoke Spanish fairly fluently because I had no English speaking friends my age. By 1963 I was living in the super racist South, in Louisiana. By 1967 I was living in Southern California dodging police tear gas grenades at anti-war riots at UC Fullerton on my lunch break at high school! Trying to cope with the Vietnam atrocities and how I would get drafted. Those were the most radical years of my life. By 1970… Read more »