Science is fact

Religion is faith

Magic is perception

Know these boundaries
To discover what lies beyond.

Modern Magic

Believe it or not, magic is used in the modern world. Magic is all about perception, and modern society works very hard at controlling how people see and think about the world every day. Social engineering is all about shifting people’s perception. The term psychological warfare has been rebranded as social engineering. Magic has a new name in this brave new world, and not all magic is mystical! Changing people’s perception is what mass media is all about in our world.


I do teach people how to use magic. It’s part of life to use and trust to our perceptions to navigate and change our world. Becuase magic has been so abused by our consumer culture and those in power; I have decided to begin teaching magic at a larger level to help inoculate and protect my students from abuses of magic.

While many of the materials on our site can help a person expand their perception such as meditation, journey work, improving your health or energy work. I actually have avoided the direct topic about magic on purpose. It’s too easy to get misdirected by false information when learning magic. This means until recently I only taught magic on a one to one basis. If you think perception isn’t that powerful, be aware that it turns out perceiving something also can shift that something. With care, you can actually achieve some pretty amazing things with magic.

Magic can be a very personal process it turns out. However, with society abusing how we perceive the world with large-scale social manipulation, I feel it’s essential to help individuals learn how to be in more control of how they use their senses and navigate our world.

I have started to create an expanded set of materials to teach about magic. These materials will only be available only to Personal Tao Patrons. Over the next few years, I will be compiling my teachings into a complete set of writings and videos going over magic.

This month’s initial Magic Video and written teachings are an introduction to magic.

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The State of Magic in 2018

Magic in the modern world means doing the impossible. The actual definition of magic is using perception to interact with the world. The false definition of magic, “doing the impossible,” has forced magic to be about fantasy over how it can help a person live better.

Over the last 1000 years, Science and religion have pushed magic to the edge of perception. Magic has been taken out of the hands of individuals. As a result, people are no longer taught how to use their perceptions properly. Religions and Science have been claiming exclusive rights in how people see the world. Modern society forces people to approved narratives and punishes brave people who perceive new facts, different stories or change their religion.

This is a big problem because it skews how society develops. We need magic. We need to be able to perceive all the options open to us as explorers in life.

Problems With Modern Magic

Because the word magic means to do the impossible, people no longer spend time expanding their perceptions. Magic has become about making wishes rather than meditation. Instead of making wishes, learn more about the universe and then expand your capabilities in life.

We call magic many different things today; Imagineers (from Disney), social engineering, energy workers, etc.; know magic is still real no matter what we call it in life. Magic is all about how we use our perception to navigate our world. We need to reclaim it as our own perception and steps in life.

If you feel you no longer can see a world you want to embrace, a world that has lost touch to heart and kindness, then perhaps it’s time to learn how to reconnect with magic in your life.

The Magic of Potential

For many people doing the impossible is just another way of connecting to potential. How to connect to potential can be considered the base for working with magic. A person uses their perceptions to see what potentials are available, and then we choose an action to tap into that potential.

It isn’t as special as people make it out to be either; this is often the case when any reality gets compared to Hollywood images of what we think it should look like. But working with potential is enough to help someone connect to what is hidden to normal sight and senses.

However, here is a tip for anyone trying to pretend to be mystical.

Part of the trick is not to listen to noise or what others say:

But rather to listen more carefully to silence and what others don’t say.

Current Magic Teachings

Modern Magic Teaching Videos

I have started a new series for Patrons only, teaching Modern Magic!



Personal Tao

Excerpts: Introduction to Magic Teaching

Many Different Types of Magic

Many different types of magical practice exist.

You can divide magic into three large categories: Physical, Mental or Spiritual. Most magic the average person sees would be physical because most of their perception centers around their physical world.

You can then classify magic in many styles of magic.

Alteration / Transformation: Shifting the definition of something.

Conjuration / Evocation: Bringing something new to your awareness.

Divination: Exploring and gaining new information and insights.

Illusionary: Shifting someone’s perceptions. (Many people can make the mistake to fool themselves with their own magic)

Energy Work: Life Magic. Reiki and Chi based magic would fall into this category. This magic style is different than alteration because you are not changing the nature of something, but merely redirecting energy and flows of life around us.

Is it possible to produce enchantments? An enchantment would be an act of magic that stands on its own. Not really, however, as stated earlier in this article it’s possible to enchant a population to fuel magic. As long as a community puts energy into a spell, that population will remain enthralled to that spell.

It’s possible to mix and match categories and styles into a mind-numbing number of variations that you will see references to in all the literature.

Magic at First is Subtle

Most magic is subtle, especially magic based on spirit. Since spirit is orthogonal to our physical reality. Using what people call real magic (using spirit) is like building sand castles at the beach. Soft and without lasting form or cohesion as it doesn’t readily attach itself to reality, Yet it does influence the world and then washes away.

As you learn to see magic, remember this lesson:

Yes, edges do exist for us to use, yet they are subtle and not lasting. Yet, what truly lasts? Even the greatest mountain will wear down to sand with time. Just as a mayfly will only dance for a morning and a magical experience is merely a moment of experience not captured by the watch’s second hand, it still can last a lifetime in a story… and the experiences are still real enough to explore and embrace.

Excerpts: Illusions Part 2 – Spirit

Spiritual Illusions

Spirit is real, but it doesn’t manifest directly physically. Just because something is real doesn’t mean it is physical. Let’s use a mind based concept to show this. Society is real, but it isn’t physical, it only resides in our minds. Society manifests through us people to create physical artifacts. Those physical artifacts are not society (say a car). Because a car reinforces a consumer based society, we often think that the car itself is about social: it isn’t, it merely is a tool we use! We can’t confuse the tools or the products of something to represent the source of its creation.

Spirit represents levels of reality that are not physical nor mind based in life. When we have a spiritual experience, it describes an experience that is outside the material. After the experience is over, a person will be left with are the memories but understand those memories fall under mind based experience. Worse Hollywood and Hope encourage us to inflate our spiritual experiences. Spiritual memories often get expanded like fishing tales over time. So spirit-based magic is real but in practice much more subtle than people realize.

Remember today I am only talking about illusions. Spiritual illusions are a very different topic as you will see later. Creating illusions in mind and body is elementary. Creating illusions for spirit is hard because most people don’t understand the nature of spirit. People try to approach spirituality in the same manner of mind or body, and it doesn’t work that way. For example, you don’t talk (Mental Approach) to your toe to heal a cut (Body Problem). To make things more confusing, most people are using mind and body magic to fake spiritual magic with illusions so they can create physical artifacts. Spiritual magic doesn’t easily manifest in physical terms, and as a result, the more physical the spiritual magic claims to be, the more likely you are dealing with illusions.

In my experience over 75% of spiritual magic, you see being performed or sold as spiritual isn’t spiritual but is yes physical or mind based illusions. Almost every psychic I have seen or come across is using mind based magic. Remember, even if it’s mind based information magic and you are getting good advice / great insights from that person, does it really matter if it’s mind based magic over spirit-based magic? I think it is sad, people will use physical tricks to fool a person when mind based magic is quite amazing on it own. Part of the problem is people want to believe and genuinely want the spirit to be the only source of magic. Because expectation drives any marketplace, the expectation customers have that magic must only be spiritual often pushes people into using illusions to sell their magic.

For these reasons, magicians like the Amazing Randi can debunk 99% of Psychics they encounter.

Real Spiritual Magic

Spiritual magic is very subtle and not very flashy.

We are the universe, and at the same moment, each person is an individual. As an individual, we are unique but limited in the scope of what we can sense. As a representative for the universe, we are only limited by imagination for what we can sense. This duality creates some interesting truths to process.

Alan Watts – Two Kinds of Consciousness

One truth is we are connected into a weave of consciousness. It’s the tapping into that weave of consciousness that represents one area of spiritual magic. (There are also other areas of spiritual magic)

The whole field of consciousness is exploding right now with discoveries and ideas. The quality and scope of materials in the last ten years are breathtaking.

Conscious Agents – A Theory of Consciousness, Donald Hoffman

To summarize: many in science are concluding that consciousness is a property of the universe and that the older spiritual teachings are close to the truth. That all consciousness is connected to consciousness.

So this means we are part of a larger whole. As part of the larger whole, we can influence it spiritually to shift how others perceive the world around them.

The weave influences us and we can also influence the weave. On average, the pushing and pulling of everyone’s desires, actions and needs average out. With awareness and practice, it’s possible to push the averages around. This is one of the more natural forms of spiritual magic to teach. How you hold your perceptions shapes the perceptions of others.

Remember we are talking about illusions, changing perception, in this article. Other articles will discuss using this truth in divination, alteration, conjuration, and energy work.

So a basic spell for spiritual illusion is to push out with your senses a suggestion of the way something is, and that suggestion then ripples out, and others will flow around that suggestion. In other words: you can project out what you perceive for others to adopt.

This is a gentle process, imagine the waves of individual consciousness washing on the beach of the broader consciousness. This means pushing out a suggestion of perception is like making a simple sand castle at the beach. You can shape a sand castle, but it gets eroded by the waves quickly over time. Without constant attention, it dries out to crumble back down into the beach. Spiritual illusions are very fleeting.

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