Discovering Moments in a Personal Retreat

When I decided I wanted to become a Taoist, I wanted a way to kick off this new way of thinking and being with an event. Not a vacation, but a chance to get away and focus entirely on Taoism with less distraction than I have living in the city. While searching the Internet for Taoist retreats, most of which felt like Taoism-themed spas, I came across, which instantly resonated with me as being more legitimate, down-to-earth, and real.

And it was. Casey is just a guy. A Taoist master, but also just a smart, self-actualized guy with a wife and daughter living in a house. The retreat is time spent with him and his family, talking, thinking, doing yoga, Qigong, ecstatic dance, eating healthy, and playing with Mina.

One might think, “How is that a retreat? I spend time with my family every day.”

Do you? Do you start every day energizing and working your body so that your mind and senses are open and alert to all the possibilities that present themselves? Do you engage the people you’re talking to with full, honest, complete concentration and respect? Are you thankful for every moment you have with the people you love? This is how they live.

I learned as much about myself from walking and talking with Casey and Julie as I did playing with little Mina in their living room. Taoism is all about acceptance, and what better way to learn acceptance than by finding the extraordinary joys in seemingly ordinary moments? The retreat was everything I needed to bring my focus back onto myself without being self-centered, and to live not for the moment, but in the moment.

If these are things you are searching for, I highly recommend sharing your search with Casey, Julie, and Mina.

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