Spiritual Divorce

As a testimony to the power of Casey’s approach, I would like to tell you that I am grateful to have worked with him as I approached my divorce.  The advice I was getting from friends was just not sitting right with me.  I felt isolated, frightened and angry.  Casey’s techniques were specific to my needs and helped me to find myself again.  I discovered the strength within that I needed.  I took the steps I had to, with Casey’s counsel, to navigate through a very difficult, private, and life transforming process.  In the end, we didn’t take on lawyers or even consider mediation.  I filed the paperwork myself, we amicably divided up our lives and went our separate ways.  We still occasionally talk, but slowly, we are moving further apart – as it should be.  Our divorce cost under $400.  No lie.  I’m at peace now, as to how it played out – it wasn’t easy of course, but with Casey’s guidance, kindness, compassion and non-judgement, I was able to navigate thru one of the most challenging times of my life with more grace than I thought possible.  

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