Soul Retrieval Experience

Julie did a great job explaining the process. I think the timing of everything was just right. The drumming was amazing… I like the sharing conversation afterwards as well. It’s a good way to integrate the experience. There was great follow up, as well. The card was lovely.

Good information and it shows that you really care about the entire process. Good, gentle reminders of not only what happened in the session, but what you suggested to do afterwards as well…

For me, personally, I left your house and drove down to Rainbow Falls and sat off by myself for 20 minutes or so. I meditated and watched the water. I used that time to sort of reset myself…I found myself to be rather quiet and introspective for the rest of the day. My sleep (up until this last week) became much better – more deep and fulfilling. I found myself going to bed more easily and getting up earlier, feeling more energetic…

My life is taking off in new and exciting directions. I think having this experience with you has been an integral part of this process. Getting in touch with that energetic part of me, the child of joy and wonder, has helped motivate me into jumping off of new and exciting cliffs!

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