Kindness in Finding Oneself

I have been working with Casey for a long time and have attended his retreat in Hawaii. As a counselor, Casey has helped me navigate through several difficult life transitions. As a spiritual guide, Casey has been a marvelous teacher. I have seen him work in a group setting and I admire his ability to tailor his advice to each individual. I highly recommend Casey’s coaching and retreats to all my friends. He is a gem!

After a difficult year, I spent a week at A Personal Tao Retreat, it was the perfect spot for my mini vacation. I am grateful to Casey and his family for giving me a place where I could take a breath and hit the reset button in my brain. It felt like I was able to spend some time alone, yet be with friends. I was free, yet I felt guided. I stayed in a quiet suite on one side of the house. It has its own entrance, a comfortable king-size bed, a kitchen area with a sink, cabinets and refrigerator, plus a full, separate bathroom. Every morning I awoke to the beautiful songs of the local birds. I then took a barefoot walk through the soft grass, enjoying my beautiful surroundings, until I would find myself looking down at the three-story waterfall at the end of the property! Not only was I able to learn some Taoist wisdom and practice meditation with Casey–who is an incredible teacher–this retreat was the perfect home base from which to explore the Big Island. I enjoyed sight seeing, snorkeling, and shopping in Hilo and went wine tasting at a nearby winery. I sampled the night life in Kona and took an awesome ecstatic dance class taught by Casey’s wife Julie! I would call this a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience, except that I plan on going back… next time I will bring my 6-year-old daughter. 🙂


I want to thank you for all the guidance you are giving me during this difficult time. You listen to me and understand what I am going through. You have helped me sort through the changes happening in myself, my marriage and my family. You have pointed out to me that I am beating myself up. You are showing me concrete examples of how I can apply Taoism to my life even though it is a bit messy right now.

It is a huge relief to have someone on my side–considering I’m not even on my side at the moment!

You are the exact person I need at this moment of my life and I am very grateful.



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