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A Beacon of Hope

My life had been thrown into a world of Chaos when my wife went through her Midlife Crisis. I sought out information on how to deal with it and came across Personal Tao. Reading the information that Casey has written on his sight regarding Midlife Transformations really gave me some insight to what I was going through. He has a way of writing that makes the complex easy with a sense of calm and understanding. With his one on one coaching, Casey really helped guide and teach me how to deal with my situation through kindness and non-judgement. He made me realize early on that my wife has chosen a different path which doesn’t include me. This was very hard to accept but through Casey’s teachings, I learned to use this experience for personal growth, acceptance, and non-judgement.

One of the biggest things Casey taught me is how to release all of the old things I had been holding on to. I now look back on this experience with grace. He encouraged me to start creating a life based around what I want. There were so many times in our phone conversations where the teachings totally resonated with me and really hit home. If there is one thing I would encourage people to do, I would tell them to seek out a life coach. Casey is that person and I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with. I plan on making a trip back to the Islands soon and hope to get a chance to meet this most amazing Teacher.