Inner Guidance

I found Casey while wondering in a fog, looking for that which I could not name. I came to him as if delivered by a means in which I did not know existed yet could not deny. My life was in turmoil, thrown to the wind. I was in an unimaginable, unexpected place where I felt no one else on earth had been. I found in Casey a friend who had been there, and back, and could help me navigate through the dark times to see my own inner light.

Through Taoist teachings, life experiences, acceptance and kindness, Casey is at once a master, a student and a teacher. He offers a safe place in which he holds the greater truth that is not always visible, that each of us is an amazing being and it is possible to do the hard work to accept who and what we are.

Exploring your inner truth with the guidance of a caring spirit such as Casey is a true blessing and one which I will always be grateful for.

Casey’s service is like no other. With a keen ear, sharp wit and superior intellect Casey helps you see what is behind the fog. He makes himself available when you need him most while offering his services at a reasonable “price”. I have had the pleasure of working with Casey and I would highly recommend him.

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