A Glorious Retreat

My four-day retreat to One River with Casey and Julie was beyond all of my expectations.  I arrived there full of fear and self-judgment, which they quickly dispelled with their comforting embrace physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Casey’s very first lesson to me was that fear is not real; it is just a potential outcome.  He taught me that by using awareness, I am able to navigate around negative potentials, while not missing out on potential positive experiences.

Both Casey and Julie created a safe, sacred place for me to learn.  We spent four glorious days with no set schedule or plan.  They worked with my needs as they arose, and as we delved deeper into my essence.  Each small lesson they taught, expanded upon the last.  By the end of the retreat, the empty holes in my heart, soul, and spirit were overflowing.  With their guidance, I was able to begin to write a new story for my life, while still honoring the person that I was before.  I learned that  I do not need to carry all my stories on my back like a heavy load weighing me down.  I was too full of old stories to begin to write a new one.  The more weight I held, the less I was able to focus on creating a new positive story for myself.

I learned countless lessons from them including QiGong, how to make organic tea and slow down to enjoy the process of making and drinking it, how to sit with myself and others comfortably, to be present and aware, how to pause several times each day with gratitude in my heart.

Julie was always there with insight and shared it with her soft, gentle voice.  Julie talked me through one of my dreams and gave me an entirely new vision of what a dream can mean, the energy that is trying to reach and inspire me.  Julie also taught me about anger, where it is stored in the body, and how to release it positively.

A very powerful lesson they taught me was the power to pause.  When I started to panic, Casey taught me to pause, touch my heart, breathe, and release my anxiety.  The power of pause gives me time to shift gears and become more insightful.  During other powerful pause moments I was able to go deep and embrace the moments that we shared.  I am now able to access the memories of my peaceful time there and I know I will hold on to these moments eternally.

I enjoyed getting to know their beautiful daughter a bit and watch and feel the positive interactions their family had together.  She is an amazing young lady who welcomed me into their home.

I feel as if I was reborn in and around their home, listening to the river flowing and the birds chirping, watching, listening and feeling the power of the waterfall and the river, feeling the river and the sun on my skin, breathing in the clear air, appreciating the sound of the rain, looking at the beauty around me, including their hibiscus tree where I felt I gained strength.

Since coming home, I am a quieter, less anxious, more aware, content, peaceful, present and grateful person.  When I feel my body, mind or spirit start to shift, I pause and remember the lessons I learned at One River.  I am eternally grateful to Casey and Julie for this experience.

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