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Flowing in Life

I first became attracted to Taoism by the concept of “flow” – the idea of living in the moment without thought or judgment. This led me to research online for Taoist teachers, and it wasn’t long before I found Casey and his site. After browsing the eloquent content on his site, I downloaded and read his ebook. One particular line that stood out for me was when Casey spoke about flow. He wrote, “Going with the flow isn’t doing what is easiest. It’s fulfilling your true potential.” From there, I knew I had to contact him and learn more. From our first phone conversations, Casey proved entirely at ease, listening without judgment, and offering subtle guidance when needed.

I decided to study with Casey, not as a client, but as a student of Taoism. I wanted to learn how Casey found his personal tao, and therefore, how to find my own. Approx 3 months after our initial conversation, Casey and I determined the next stages of my training would be better served in person, and so we made plans for me to fly to Hilo, Hawaii and stay in Casey’s home. From my first arrival at the airport, where Casey picked me up, it was obvious his ease and warmth carried over in person. He invited me into his home and introduced me to his wife and daughter. For the next 7 days Casey led me through a personal, self-directed retreat that served to teach me the method of “release.” Essentially release from the egoic mind, which allows one to tap into and better navigate their potential. We swam in the nearby waterfalls, practiced basic Qi-Gong, and spent many hours discussing seemingly random topics that would never fail to loop back toward a relevant truth. The end came much too quickly. I thanked Casey for his openness, hospitality, and for helping me further along the path to understanding and awakening my full inner potential. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone interested in Taoist teaching or guidance