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Testimonial for Shamanism 101

This course serves as a wonderful introduction to shamanism and for gaining experience with shamanic practices. Julie is a supportive, compassionate and insightful teacher. She explains concepts in a clear and understandable way, and she provides guidance from a non-judgmental and growth-oriented perspective. Among many things I appreciated about Julie as a teacher was her availability to provide feedback via e-mail in the time between sessions. This really helped me to integrate what I learned from the sessions into my daily life.

What I learned through the course might best be described as a set of practices and ways of thinking and being that are life-enriching and life-enhancing. This description is necessarily broad because, at its core, the course invited me to gain a deeper connection with spirit – to my own essence and to other helping spirits. This was a very personal experience, and so the specific lessons that I learned were uniquely relevant to my life path. In general, I was able to gain an awareness of how spirit can support my own life and how I can interact with spirit to help others and the world. The journey was full of surprises and unexpected revelations, resonating personal truths, and wonder. Through this course, I learned to more fully accept and embrace wholeness, which is a path I hope to continue throughout my life. I will always be grateful to Julie for inviting me on this journey.