Changing My World.

Julie I want you to know that through your ecstatic dance I am beginning a journey of connecting with my body and am experiencing a self acceptance I have never known before, or may have forgotten. A great release of anxiety, hurt, anger, guilt is being drawn out of me. The uninhibited movement of dance is teaching me to feel every part of my body, leading me to listen to my thoughts, see and hear what is going on around me, finding my voice that has been suppressed for too long. When I walk away from the dance class I am taking the dance with me and it is changing my world.

I knew about “living in the moment, the now” but have never been receptive to what it means, I’ve been too busy, trying too hard, thinking too hard to let myself calm down enough to be receptive to just be in “any” moment. Because of your teachings in the dance I’m starting to ‘get it’ and am learning to be present here and now.

Julie, you’re giving me and I’m sure others a gift. You’ve got the ability to tap into the energy of the dance group, managing to teach without us feeling we are being taught, taking control without controlling. The simplicity of it all is amazing, you are a powerful force, using only your gentle smile, beautiful body movements and soft soothing voice to guide others to their own discovery.

I thank you, Julie

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