A New Life

I started working with Casey by phone when my life was in turmoil and I needed a major shift in my understanding of who I was and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Talking with Casey helped my see the old stories I had been telling myself of who I was that were keeping me locked in a life that I no longer wanted. After about six months of conversations I felt ready to work more directly with Casey and Julie and arranged a four day retreat.

This personal retreat was very different from any other workshop or retreat I’ve attended. With the entire focus on me I felt totally supported to go deeply into the work. Casey and Julie made it easy to accept the support and assistance. They planned each day according to what I needed in the moment. It was clear from the beginning that we were not following a prescribed formula. At the end of each day I felt I had gone deeply into my interior landscape and created new pathways to previously hidden destinations.

Casey offered a combination of real world techniques for difficult situations as well as insight into motivations that drive behavior. Julie offered a new way of working with dreams that reminded me to bring together my waking and sleeping worlds, my inner and outer worlds, to create my own life. She also introduced me to journey work which opened my consciousness to new ways of working with my higher self in the inner world of archetypes, symbols, inner guides and sacred places.

It’s now six months after the retreat and I can still tangibly feel the solid base it gave me from which to launch deeper explorations into who I am. What I had thought of as a mid-life crisis has turned into an opportunity to shift from an old worn out state of consciousness to a light filled new awareness of the preciousness of this lifetime. I’m now ready to start defining for myself the meaning and purpose for my life.

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