Teaches from the Heart

Working with Julie has been a true blessing.

Her knowledge, experience, and deep awareness are as evident as her gentle and grounded strength, and she is a gifted practitioner who teaches from the heart. The space she creates to allow my own inner knowing to unfold feels safe, expansive, supportive, playful, loving, and wise.

She always seems to know exactly when and how to encourage me to push past my perceived limits.

Anyone who is on a transformational journey of the self would do well to work with Julie. She will meet you exactly where you are and celebrate with you as you transform your spirit and your life.

I can’t say enough about my work with Casey. His intuition runs deep and his ability to follow my process–and be right there with me in a space that sometimes has no words–is astounding. His creative way of seeing things is liberating and life changing. If you are seeking support and expansion during a period of transformation in your life, and you want someone who will honor your spirit, your process, and your individual needs, please consider working with him. Casey, thank you for helping my spirit shine.

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