Finding Oneself

It’s quite hard to describe in words how Casey has impacted my life. One of the things he’s taught me is the futility of trying to verbalize deeper concepts. So I’ll just focus on the outcomes. I was utterly lost when I first started working with Casey. Personally and professionally. In working with him, I’ve been able to take what has been a real crisis and turn it into a fundamental transformation. Casey teaches concepts by illuminating them within your own life experience. The lesson is crystal clear when you can learn against your own situations. He teaches to view things within the core concepts of kindness, grace, non-judgement, and modesty. The amount I’ve learned in just a year is astounding.

When I first started working with Casey, I was ready to find my teacher. And there he was. For that I’m grateful and excited for what lies ahead.

If any of you have the opportunity to do a retreat with Casey and Julie, DO IT! They are gracious hosts, fantastic teachers, and good friends. It was very special to be able to ease into the next phase of my life in Hilo. And the scenery is pretty good too.

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