Conscious Dancers

Movement Meditation Students

Finding Joy in Motion

“I absolutely love Julie’s Conscious Dance. Peace, joy, contentment and wholeness is what I feel at the end of a conscious dance. Julie allows participants the solitude they need to explore their inner dance journey, and at the same time she is able to connect participants together as a group…Julie, thank you for your heart felt commitment to Conscious Dance!”
-Big Island, Hawaii, 2010

“I write to tell you what I didn’t know; how much you mean to me, how big a role you have played in my life. How seriously I took it…I love you for staying with it all this time and you have my gratitude.”
– Big Island, Hawaii, 2010

“Thank you again. I felt an incredible connection to and pleasure with being in my body when I danced. I have little memory of feeling quite like that in this lifetime. It is wonderful and deepens my desire to keep that connection.”
-Pine River, Minnesota Ecstatic Dance Class, July-August, 2008

“Wow…thank you so much for a great two hours of music, movement, and joy! It’s such a treat for me to be able to just open up all the channels and move to music; grateful. I haven’t danced that freely…possibly ever. Thank you for creating the space in order for me to be able to release.”
-Phoenix Ecstatic Dance Class, April, 2008

“Wanted to express my appreciation for your wonderful gift of dance to me. The workshop took me deeper, and the unconditional love from my peers will begin to allow the process of self acceptance.”
-Revolution, Ecstatic Dance Workshop, Arizona, 2008

“I just love what it (ecstatic dance) does. And you’re great in showing us the PRESENCE to do it…I’m going to twirl everywhere I go now, who cares!”
-Yavapai College Student, 2008

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