Exploring Taoism & Life

My search for Taoist teachings has spanned over a decade and been peppered with many mentors and approaches. The difference with Casey is his sincerity in truly living his teachings. It is rare to find someone who brings so much passion, care and experience into their work whilst injecting humour and staying grounded to the realities of life.

Casey is an excellent mentor, covering all aspects of personal and professional life. He has the innate ability to turn your viewpoint upside down with absolute care, encouragement and kindness. He skilfully helps you create a space for shedding, seeding and growth, giving you insight to know when, how and why. His guidance with inter-personal relationships is invaluable, offering advice that is appropriate and well grounded. His business advice comes from a true ability to listen, to cut through the words said to the core of meaning. Throughout his teachings he remains sensitive to the individual, truly working with them as a person of value and worth.

Casey’s Taoist teachings offer an all-round approach, covering mind, body and spirit across all areas of human life in a practical way. To me, this is how I always felt Taoism should be at the core, simple, thoughtful and effective life tools to live life freely as your natural self. I gladly recommend Casey as a Taoist mentor, a business and career coach as well as a personal counselor. I am grateful for all Casey’s teachings and support to date. I see a long and sustainable future in his modern approach to Taoism.

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