I have observed Casey in a series of interactions in Living Spirit Yoga, as well as through experiencing a “Tarot Reading” with an innovative system of cards that he has developed to probe the archetypal patterns of life through symbols. He has remarkable gifts as an intuitive, is careful and an observer of the nuances of people’s physical symptoms and processes. I believe that he is a Clairvoyant with the potentials of a gifted healer.

Based on my experience of one reading, I believe that as a Tarot reader, he is remarkable in a number of ways. First he has spent many years observing human potentials and looking for symbolic images that express these archetypes. He has developed an innovative system that transcends traditional tarot cards, and that allows a number of “synchronistic” layers or “pathways” to emerge. He not only uses his own system of cards, but his intuitive clairvoyant gifts of interpretation, to work with each individual’s process. In a reading with Casey, one should be prepared for a complex journey, and unexpected insights.

He is able to point out the potentials in one’s life that are blocked and need expression, as well as a variety of options for moving forward into the challenges of completing life’s journey. It seems that his sensitivities to both physical and psychic process give him the ability to “get into” the deeper “blocked” places and resistances. He “reads” people deeply, and very little gets past his scrutiny – so one has the sense of being completely “seen”. He gets past social masks and defenses, and gives people a sense that they can be open and honest- first with him, and ultimately with themselves.

Even when the feedback is difficult or challenging, he is attentive and supportive, guiding people through their process as if he is a type of “midwife” coaching them through their own personal “rebirth”. As with all such things, it’s dangerous to give too much power or authority to another person to interpret the drama’s and struggles that we face. However, Casey is aware of this and encourages people to give him feedback and to stand up for their own opinions and understanding, unlocking contradictions to their own process and insight. Through this, he is able to “cut to the quick” and avoid the defensiveness that another person might get when offered such insights.

Casey is aware of his role of “healer” and “psychic midwife” to soul issues, and seems unattached to the outcome. He simple gives his best insights, and works with people to assimilate and process them. It’s then up to the individual to take them and discern their value, and to work with them in their own life.

In Yoga Teacher workshops, he approaches each topic and situation with humor and the willing spirit of what Buddhist describe as beginner’s mind. As a practitioner, he does not strive for perfection, but continually opens into the practice and potentials. One on one, he is truly gifted in working with other peoples processes: he watches their breath, the movement of their body; assesses areas in which they are holding; and is gifted in coaching them into deeper states of relaxation and application. He truly has the gifts of a healer and he helps individuals unlock their potentials with compassionate intensity.