Relationship Changes

A couple months ago I was at the beginning of dealing with my husbands midlife crisis so I searched for understanding and help. I found many online groups and books. None fit what I was looking for because I don’t have negative feelings for this man going through an important transformation in his life and that is exactly what I kept running into on my search until I found Casey’s videos. Even through that first initial contact I knew I had found what I was looking for. Casey began to work with me and my husband immediately to understand what he was going through and to help get me to relax. I felt like my world had collapsed and my husband feels like he has been abducted by an alien.

I immediately scheduled my retreat with Casey and Julie. I spent 5 wonderful, enlightening, calming and learning days in a perfect setting with two incredibly kind and generous people and a their fun daughter Mina. I felt protected, understood and most of all I didn’t feel alone. Even though I know this will be a long process of discovery for both my husband and myself. I have been given tools to help me deal with each day as they come. My husband will be attending their retreat in a few weeks and I continue to be present and take one step at a time, while this new journey called my life unfolds. I truly am grateful for these loving teachers and to feel a part of a wonderful family.

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