I have been working with Julie for the past several months and I would highly recommend her teachings. She is a lovely shamanic teacher!

I have participated in dream exchanges and have learned a different way to look at dreams through another’s perspective that opens up options to consider, complete with an action plan.

Julie taught me about movement meditation or conscious dance and I really enjoy this type of meditation ~ moving through the natural rhythms of the soul, by moving my body.

The dance deck that Julie created for me is a wonderful tool and collection of music to work with.

We have done some journey work and I love her drumming!

I’ve gained tools to work with my life in different ways that build up my strength and I have learned a lot of new things about myself ~ Julie is very knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher, I’ve really enjoyed working with her!


Casey has been teaching me to live an authentic, kind life without judgment as I navigate through my mid life transformation. I highly recommend meeting with him to find guidance and clarity. After one conversation I felt a sense of calm. I continue to learn and grow on a personal level that has me feeling excited and happy about living my life through the ups, downs, twists and turns. When life flows back to crazy, I remember his teachings as his words run through my mind and bring me back to peace.

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