If you look up at the night sky: What do you see?

If you live in a modern town… not much due to light pollution.

However, ancient seers mapped the stars in great detail, in so much detail it surprised modern scientists believing in the need for equipment and modern tools to penetrate the deep haze.

Where the deep haze is in part, our inner pollution:

Including pollution of preconceived notions.


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The Eyes of a Seer.

If you close your eyes and examine what’s in your body, what do you see?

If you live in a modern times… not much due to the pollution of our life styles. We ingest, digest and incorporate into our own bodies & minds  so much drama, stories, toxins and other pollutants: To be unable to fully feel and see within our own nature.

In a very similar manner to light pollution obscuring the night skies. Lousy food, lax lifestyles, televised distractions and such end up obscuring our inner nature from our senses. To the point where we need doctors, hi-tech instruments, priests and doctrines to peer past these obstructions.

In ancient times Taoist masters were seers in tune with their body. They would mentally watch, map and trace out effects of herbs and other healing practices. This style of observation formed the foundation for practices such as Qi Gong, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and how it all connected within the body.

A seer works to live in harmony with their mind, body, and spirit.
When a person is in harmony, they can explore answers without bias.

Many facts get obscured by our lifestyle. So while being a seer would seem to be a mystical practice, it’s more accurate to say: the seer merely sees things clearly, within acceptance and awareness of oneself. Being a seer is far from being a mysterious process. It’s just learning how to be in a place to view an expanded perspective of life and be patient enough to observe.

Of course, getting to that spot of being able to be a seer, to see clearly, isn’t very easy in a modern environment. It’s a place very few people manage to find. I instruct students exactly how to achieve this state. Many people wouldn’t want to experience the initial disorientation of releasing comfort of predictability. In a culture of rushing, it isn’t easy to have the patience for 3 to 5 years to climb to that spot where you can start.

Also: since part of the very nature of being human is to change, especially every seven years or so (the famous seven-year itch) all too many would get distracted and wander elsewhere during the process of becoming a seer.

When as a seer I read patterns for others, I don’t use cards, stones, reeds or any other medium as a mystical channel. It’s the exact opposite. I artistically create an experience with those tools, as soulful instruments so that others can calm down in a moment of peace. I say artistically since the purpose of art is to explore the nature of our soul. It’s within this peaceful vision I weave that people can momentary see clearly, and then together I can guide that person through a journey to look inside themselves for a moment.

To be a seer is to witness the soul.
If you desire to be your seer, to discover completeness in your soul, then I recommend practicing qi gong or yoga as a starting point. Each of these practices can be used as a path for purification. Just don’t expect overnight results. The way of a seer is a very patient one. Take the time instead to discover the movement of your life. If you need additional help, you can also contact us to arrange personal teaching.
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