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  1. Read First: An Introduction to the Third Eye.
  2. Then for an initial overview of the third eye, you can purchase the following Third Eye video.
  3. Finally, you can review the various answers below for most common third eye questions.
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Understanding the Third Eye
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What is the third eye?
What are the first steps to train the third eye?
I feel like in I am the zone, things just now connect up without effort, why is that?
How do I find the right Third Eye Teacher?
Is the Third Eye bad or evil?
Is the Third Eye dangerous?
How long does it take to open the third eye?
How do I close my third eye?
Why doesn't the third eye work around everyone?
Do you think the ???? at my forehead has anything to do with my third eye?
Can I use my third eye to do this most amazing *things*?
How do I handle these visions I am having!??
Are these visions just my imagination or dreams?
I just foresaw something happening and it became true: is this the third eye?
Can I communicate with loved ones passed away?
But I read or just saw this *fill in the blank* about the third eye! How do you explain that?
How do I reconcile what my Christian friends are saying?
How do I practice third eye around others who don't believe?
When the universe tickles, how do you tickle it back?
What is Deja Vu?
What is the third eye?

Please read: What is the Third Eye. The simple answer is the third eye shows us potential. However, many answers exist on how people describe potential and the third eye.

Since many different practices exist to expand the third eye, it depends largely on one’s training how a person defines the third eye. For example, I am considered as a seer or a sage in my training. To learn more about using the third eye as a seer, please read about working with your: intuition.

What are the first steps to train the third eye?

Third eye training is probably not going to be what you expect it to be.

When people begin to see images from their third eye, it can be so real; they automatically jump to wonder about the next steps. Many people assume training will match something out of a spiritual martial art movie.

What you are seeing isn’t reality but rather potential. The real part of third eye practices is learning how to understand and shape that potential. Many people can learn how to use the third eye, but very few people take the time and years to indeed develop it as more than just psychedelic trip and experience. Care does have to be considered because it’s easy to push this ability into delusion.

Patience is the dividing line between developing the skill into a useful talent rather than just becoming wu-wu lost to inner visions of fantasy. Fantasy is great for adding color to the world, but it doesn’t add much actually to helping a person interact with others and the world.

What people often experience initially is their mind being blown away by the potential it is seeing and not knowing how to relate that information in a way that is balanced for a person to digest. As a result initially, third eye experiences can be “hyper-real” and surreal images in the mind’s attempt to categorize the processing. Many seekers at this stage either get freaked out and never use the ability again or push it in a left turn away from reality to only embrace the surreal. Few find balanced with the skill, and some seek teachers to learn applied methods, such as aura reading, to channel the ability down a safer avenue of exploration.

Often the teacher’s role is set up to help keep a person balanced in their new practice. The initial lessons are usually not for the student to expand their ability but more importantly balance their life. To use the ability to help them root deeper in life so they can safely learn what the third eye is revealing to them.

Understand the path is one that requires patience and balanced practices such as yoga, qi-gong, balanced diet and many other considerations to help a person maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you lead an unhealthy or extreme lifestyle while learning the third eye, then you will only fall off the surreal edge of life even faster.

I teach a unique and open style that allows people a bit more flexibility in how they develop the third eye. I teach a person how to open options, rather than forcing it to become something limited and defined to a mere single practice. However, to do this, the very first step is helping a student practice balance and working through lessons about the nature of potential itself.

This isn’t about learning a trick. Instead, it’s about gaining a practice that fundamentally adds another innate sense to use and interact with the world through. To rush this process only stunts one’s personal growth or worse lose oneself to delusion.

I feel like in I am the zone, things just now connect up without effort, why is that?

One ability of the third eye is simply to be “in the zone”. Using it to flow with potential with actions that have grace and style. Don’t try to force this, because you will lose it if you do. The third eye isn’t the ability to focus. Instead, you relax into this skill. Focus comes later, and it’s a very relaxed process. Focus is almost a misnomer.

Also what you are describing sounds pretty reasonable to me, don’t make it be something more substantial than yourself, since then you can lose touch with your personal grounding. Instead, your senses are returning information to you in an expanded manner. It’s a gift in this respect.

Generally speaking, don’t share your experiences with other people. Since other people will judge you and then in their judgment, they can limit your ability and bounce you out of the zone. Judgment can be harsh in this. You can share with rarer individuals who are going thru similar experiences and trade notes, or with those who you relax around. In other words, only share with those who don’t judge you to their values/experiences. Very few people don’t judge, so smile and don’t worry about sharing details with many people yet. You see what you are sensing isn’t in their reality, so they won’t be able to connect to it in the same manner. If you ground yourself to their reality/viewpoint, you just then ground yourself to a different perspective and the ability shifts or even goes away because of that change in perspective.

You are learning how to define and interpret your ability, and that is what makes this process very sensitive at this moment. You are looking for answers, and the answers you find directly shapes how the third eye ability develops. So at the moment, you have to be very careful about which answers you embrace, because different answers shape the ability vastly differently.

How do I find the right Third Eye Teacher?

Finding the right third eye teacher isn’t something you look up in the yellow pages. Many third eye teachers are hidden, and many of the ones in the public space may not fit your needs.

The only reason I teach it at all in the public eye is that there is too much misinterpretation, too much judgment. I offer one entryway for some individuals seeking to start learning it in a balanced manner. There are many other teachers with their paths to teaching this. In the end, you must trust your instincts regarding which teachers you will embrace.

Every person who develops the third eye tends to follow a path that matches their nature. Occasionally a person will master one or two practices, but few people master more than a handful of third eye practices during their lifetime. Very similar to the way people learn languages. For example, In this sense, I am what would be called a Seer in my skills in traditional terms.

Take the time to talk to many different practitioners and learn from the ones who feel right. Give space towards the practitioners who seem to define their ability with ego. So I encourage over time for my students to find additional specialized teachers, but initially, I will help find a personalized and grounded approach for each student. At this stage, as a seeker, you probably are already seeing people squaring off with their interpretations of what this ability represents. As a result, I ask students to keep a lower profile on sharing initial personal impressions, so they don’t get judged or get misled by fears. After you have come to terms with your ability, it’s okay to share, but only once you can explain it to others without fear of how they will react. Never try to force what you see as truth, this will create conflict, and that conflict will only push you further from your grounding and center.

Patience is part of the practice, and I teach in this manner for a good reason. The third eye is a skill you grow with your life, rather than rush to master. It’s best to find a teacher who is willing to be patient with you and help you discover the tools/practices you will need to decide how best you want to move on with your practice.

Is the Third Eye bad or evil?

Good and evil are not a natural state of being. Good and Evil are personal choices on how we live our life. Use the third eye wisely, and it’s a gift and “good”, use it to control or tell people things they don’t want to hear, and it’s then considered to be “evil”.

The third eye is a natural skill anyone can have. It’s up to the person and how they live, in how we express our nature in “Bad” or “Good.”

Many people will say the third eye is bad purely from fear. These souls fear larger truths that might hurt them. Many people are insecure and worry about what the third eye might reveal their hidden truths.

I could go on and on about how silly people get regarding “Bad” or forcing labels onto things. The truth is: you make of it what you will. Live well and gracefully, and then it’s a gift. Use it in a way that isn’t modest, and you will corrupt yourself by going beyond your nature. This is true with anything: power, work, money, etc.

Is the Third Eye dangerous?

Well doing anything in life has risks. Many people die while eating as a simple example just because they rush and then choke on their food.

So yes the third eye has risks. The biggest threat is pushing it into delusion. Ironically many people purposely pretend they lack the third eye by dumbing it down. But the deeper reality is once it’s open, it’s a natural sense and your mind will use it. The challenge is then being willing to train oneself with awareness to help balance out how one sees with it. So with awareness, you temper the ability and learn how not to hurt yourself. On average most people ignore it or have enough disbelief in what they see with the talent, so the small amounts they may use the third eye generally is without risk.

How long does it take to open the third eye?

It’s not a question of how long it takes to open. That’s a relative question. Technically if you think of the third eye seeing potential, actually strangely means the third is never 100% open, We use our main physical senses to see what is real. Instead, it’s a skill, which a person can refine and develop over an entire lifetime.

What open means is: that a person considers the third eye to be reliable enough that they trust to what they see from it. That measure of trust varies significantly from person to person.

It’s essential never to rush the process of learning the third eye. Don’t get lost in all the potential you see with an open third eye. With patience consolidate your practice into more concise routines. Otherwise in potential ideas will blend to create something different and misleading.

Because we want to validate our third eye is open, people often share fresh ideas and visions before they have had the time to process them correctly.

When talking with others, slow down and don’t overwhelm them with too much all at once otherwise:

(1) You distort your experience.
(2) You get isolated as people are pushed away from you.
(3) A break down of communication creates frustration.
(4) Frustration generates conflict and ironically more failure that then limits your third eye absolutely.
(5) The third eye takes you places further away from a grounded and healthy life.
(6) You end up closing your third eye because you cannot validate your visions.

Doubts disrupt, dispel and close the third eye very quickly. Take the time to explore and be patient, so you don’t push it too far from reality. Staying grounded is very important when people get ungrounded, you lose trust and personal faith quickly. It’s okay to be excited, but many people will take your excitement the wrong way since they don’t trust their Judgmenttruth. So share in a quieter manner, and you will find people respond back in a stronger and more positive way.

It takes a lifetime to open the third eye truly. Patience and modesty allow you to take the time to work with your third eye at its own opening pace.

Why doesn't the third eye work around everyone?

The third eye doesn’t work in every situation. The third eye is about possibilities. Possibilities are not reality; possibilities are merely about what might happen.

Judgment is a process of measurement. Judgment limits and defines situations to very limited possibilities and outcomes. The third eye is about potential; it’s about looking at all the possibilities and seeing which one fits life in the most graceful manner. Judgment limits and reduces the capacity to use your third eye. This is why in exploring the third eye, care must be used in who you share your experiences with. To share your experiences with a person who will judge you, will also greatly reduce what you can connect to with your third eye. Worse, a person with judgment can inflict doubt and personal judgment into your process of relating to the third eye. If you doubt yourself if you judge yourself, means undercutting most of the potentials within your life to explore.

So understand the third eye is not all-powerful; in fact, judgment all too easily undercuts it. Those who are righteous or judgmental will always have the power and ability to undermine possibilities from happening. Likewise, judgment can be used to focus on specific options and visions into reality. Generally speaking, this is a terrible way to force potential into happening, as a judicial process will use conflict as the primary tool to undercut anyone who doubts the goal in question.

When working with the third eye, understand acceptance over judgment is the kindest meditative focus to use when working with your potential.

Do you think the ???? at my forehead has anything to do with my third eye?

All sorts of things could lead to an itchy forehead or other sensations on your forehead: For example: dry skin, overactive imagination, mosquitoes and yes even the Third eye.

Also, there are various points around the eyebrows and forehead that are pressure points. If you check out various massage and acupuncture references, you can find out about these and other pressure points and what they are connected to.

Many physical indicators people want to use as an indicator of the third eye are often on their own are not enough of an indicator to use for third eye activity awakening. But many people who experience the third eye opening will express physical symptoms, but those indicators can vary quite a bit from person to person.

Can I use my third eye to do this most amazing *things*?

The third eye is very very amazingly normal. It’s when people push it to be something beyond normal that it gets a person into problems.

What you can do and not do with the third eye depends on quite a bit on your training. Different teachings will claim many things and many things claimed about the third eye are not real also. I don’t sort all that out for people here. This page is merely a simple FAQ to help people find a grounded starting point to consider the topic with.

Considering that the million dollar prize from the amazing Randi to prove any of the more outstanding claims about the third eye abilities was never claimed. I would say it’s best to approach this subject with a bit of caution regarding any of the more unusual claims.

It’s possible to do amazing things with any of our abilities, seeing, hearing, etc. When it comes to the third eye, learning how to translate those amazing feats takes some skill. There is quite a bit of education and exploration that still has to be done. Science is still playing catch up to what the third eye can do. Because many supposedly fantastic feats can be easily dis-proven, science then ignores the more subtle powers of the third eye. This is beginning to change. The other problem is: that many third eye practitioners are themselves still coming to terms with how to best relate their experiences to others, and sadly make claims that are not easily proven.

For example, it’s possible to have out of body experiences, but what that “out of body” experience is, is both much more complicated and yet simpler than people realize. But the whole topic quickly becomes a mess due to how people judge, embrace it and then try to prove it. It’s easier for science just to conclude: it’s all in your mind (miss the subtleties) and moves on rather than try to sort it all out.

As a result, to de-tangle what the third eye can and can not do, it is critical to understand “potential” and what that means first. By the very nature of potential, anything also becomes possible. So the third eye becomes a very interesting place to explore as a result.

The third eye is what you make it be. For many people that means it merely is a concept for fantasy, a wish to be more, and in that desire to be more, daydreaming and getting lost in daydreams is what the third eye is good for. It is for this reason that the Third eye gets a bad reputation, because when a person is ungrounded: the third eye merely takes a person on a wild, amazing, fantastic goose chase.

The trouble is if you ground too much, then you also undercut the ability to see potential and to go out beyond oneself also. Using the third eye is akin to walking a tightrope. Where you don’t want to fall into either delusion nor certainty.

How do I handle these visions I am having!??

Once you begin to have visions, it means starting to explore your life more deeply. Your visions are a path to find new meaning and different ways to see the path ahead of you.

The more you force the visions, the less you will see. The third eye is a gentle skill, one that quickly gets swamped by desires, fears, and needs.

Your mind is telling you there is potential ahead and paths which can open up new options for you. The mind is going to show you the possibilities regarding stories and visions. The trick is not to make these real; the third eye often reveals not a literal truth, but rather something you focus attention towards that could be significant. So you learn from your visions and take the best of what they offer and apply the lessons to your life.

Look back to the visions and see how they apply to your life and what lesson can be applied to making life better. The more comfortable you get with this, the more vivid and in tune the visions will get.

Right now don’t worry about what the third eye might be able to do, first take the time to find a good Yoga teacher or Qi Gong teacher. Qi Gong would be better, but Kundalini Yoga is also good since these practices will help both grounds you, prepare your body and mind to be clearer so that you will better be able to expand and explore the third eye.

All too many people try to rush into the third eye before they can walk with a spiritual wholeness. People think that the third eye is the complete practice in itself to take a person further. This is truer later in practice, but not so at the start of the practice.

The start of a third eye practice is a delicate balance of grounding with gentle teaching. If you jump off a building, you just fall dead. If you jump off a building with a glider, you can sail around the world. The third eye might provide a vision, but it doesn’t provide strength nor support in how you move in life.

You have to build your spiritual glider first before leaping fully into the third eye. This is counter-intuitive since you get the visions first. So that is where people want to run to and then do first.

Be patient in how you grow within this process or find a patient teacher. It’s a process that moves/grows over a lifetime rather than be forced into full activation based only on an Initial vision.

Are these visions just my imagination or dreams?

It all depends on you. If you don’t develop the ability, then it just stays like that: imagination and dreams.

However, if you take time to develop it, it becomes a tool, opens as the third eye: a sense to see possible potentials.

However, what that potential looks like, how you use it, all depends upon how you train your mind to use it.

I just foresaw something happening and it became true: is this the third eye?

It can be several different things.

(1) Logic: Partially our mind is good at picking up on patterns and can anticipate certain events.

(2) Third Eye: Partially it can be the third eye picking up on the fact the potential is about to happen, and you can sense that before the actual action.

For example, Intention can be a powerful thing, and it can be picked up by the third eye.

It’s not a perfect sense in that it’s easy to distract or ignore such feelings.

(3) Momentum: Since you are interacting with people and traveling in a similar pattern as them, many times the momentum of life’s actions synchronize people into coordinated events. This is one reason logic can at times deduce when people are about to connect with you.

(4) Coincidence: Lastly at times it is a pure coincidence.

Sometimes it’s a mixture of all of the above.

Can I communicate with loved ones passed away?

The best-written response I will give here is a piece of general advice that can be applied to many aspects of third eye processing.

We are all interconnected. People who have touched you truly in the heart are always in the heart. This means it becomes important then to release judgments on how we measure ourselves relative to others, to hear more clearly the imprint of their life that we did share with the heart.

Once you release this judgment: it becomes possible to hear many things and connect to many truths that before you were blinded by judgment not to hear and see.

My father died many years ago, and yet I still hear him today because judgment doesn’t stop me from viewpoints truths he is still able to teach me from. I phrase this very carefully, so this lesson applies to anyone, someone who is science-based or faith-based. But expressing it too strongly will cause many people to read this paragraph in the wrong way all together! Such is true of our hearts.

I hope this makes sense.

But I read or just saw this *fill in the blank* about the third eye! How do you explain that?

Anything you read on the Internet, the stories you hear from most people, will only be that: just stories. Yes stories have much potential also to learn from.. but stories are merely that: stories.

What you make of your potential and how you desire to use it, is the path of a master to make their own, and that path is a slow, patient long-term commitment.

To anyone who rushes, I gladly point them to see aura’s as that is a safe path to take the ability. Or I encourage many people to embrace what they see in the third eye as a deeper part of their dreams. Dreams are dreams and safe for most people to accept.

But potential is potential? Not reality, how one shapes potential into reality is the domain of the master. Be it an artist who uses the inner vision to paint “the starry night” or a sculptor to see the flows of rock to sculpt “David” or a thousand other ways people have turn potential into reality. All too many people are happy to chase the Hollywood fantasy of what they feel the third eye should be, and that is ok also since it keeps most people busy and out of harm’s way.

But the potential is serious business, it cuts in all directions, good, bad and other places. All too many people lose themselves trying to make potential real, and streets have their share of the delusional preaching their visions of reality to everyone.. who walk by and never listen since it isn’t a reality they are willing to support.

In other words, this ability takes you to where you make it go. Explore and walk this path patiently. Otherwise, it becomes something that isn’t yours to shape into reality.

How do I reconcile what my Christian friends are saying?

Answers come from life. Trying only to get answers from one source will break a person just using one source. So people who only seek to use the third eye for answers will discover problems quickly. If a person tries to use a hammer to fix everything, they will smash most things. Unfortunately, many people focus on the literal hammer aspects of the Bible rather than allowing the more spiritual and graceful angelic aspects of its teachings to be in the forefront.

The actual truth is learning more about the third eye has nothing to do with religion. Instead, it’s an exploration of who you are as a person.

The problem with the third eye is that it does put a person on an edge to see further. It’s this edge that cuts people down. The bigger problem is that insanity can create delusions that mimic what the third eye does. It can be hard to differentiate between mental instability and third eye. Making it more confusing is at times it can be both.

As a result, organized society & religions tend to undercut the third eye for many many different reasons. Some of these reasons are good (trying to help those who are mentally unstable) and some are bad (repressing people who see more than just dogma). The answer to this question gets complicated and is dependent usually on deeper issues relative to the people in the conversation.

I know many Christians who believe firmly in the third eye being good and find no conflict between their faith and using the third eye as a gift. I have also encountered many Christians who in fear and judgment lash out at anything that doesn’t fit their world view.

In the end, it isn’t Christianity that is the problem: rather it is any person lashing out against something their fear that is the deeper problem.

All too many people merely use and twist their Christian teachings around to justify their fear or judgment against the third eye. It isn’t the religion you need to be careful of; it’s the person who holds judgment or people who hurt others to get their viewpoints across you need to watch.

This is true with anything in life, not just the third eye. It is just that the third eye is an edge topic and more likely to push people to their edges that is the real problem.

How do I practice third eye around others who don't believe?

To lead a normal life is to be like everyone else then outwardly. That is what many people do. But if you do that, then you are ignoring your spirit and gifts to be uniquely yourself.

Seek balance in this process. If you project too much, then others around you will judge and limit you. If you don’t use the third eye at all, then you limit yourself.

This is the fine line everyone who has the ability needs to walk in their life.

If you walk this line well enough eventually, you make it your own and people around you will accept it as you also. But that takes grace, patience and years of practice. So as I stress, learning and exploring the third eye is a life long practice, not something you ever rush.

Remember, People need to be able always to see your human side in addition to this ability. Having the Third eye doesn’t make you more or different (anyone can develop the skill), rather it just helps you see the into the depths of what is possible a little deeper.

peace in your exploration

When the universe tickles, how do you tickle it back?

I was wondering when the universe tickles you how do you tickle it back. Please define tickling in this sense to be things as coincidences that start to cease to be improbable over the coincidences that are generally neutral or positive. Sometimes (especially of late) I feel the universe is trying to tell me something but I cant figure out just what exactly

My first response is this:
You tickle back by laughing.

The deeper response

You tickle back merely by pausing. Then feel for the answer without reaching, without action. Wholeness can be found in the process of releasing into one’s own more complete essence.

Think about it from this perspective: if we are the universe, if it tickles, the answer is then also clearly within us, then all it takes is to pause to hear it literally.

The nice contradictions of life. On one level we are an individual: separate and standing tall. On another level, we are all interconnected and one with the universe: in that, we are the universe also.

So when the universe tickles you as an individual. Release ego, go into pause, release your stories, go into the crystal space, then within yourself, now at stillness to your relationship with the universe, the answers will simply be within clearly there to be seen.

To try and reach, if you attempt to go beyond yourself.. you break the delicate balance between these two very different states of mind and focus on your individuality. This disturbs and breaks apart any larger visions. People in reaching create the very disturbance that breaks apart the larger vision being given to you as a gift from your larger whole.

The biggest secret and one that took me years to refine is the trick of pausing into such moments. So simple and yet can take a lifetime to master.

What is Deja Vu?

“Deja Vu” is a whole separate topic. A quick answer is this.

Deja Vu is a perceptual echo.

The deja vu echo can be from many different sources including false perceptions.

The problem is that “Deja Vu” actually arises out from more than one source of experience.  So sorting what a deja vu experience means also mean looking deeper into the conditions around that deja vu experience.

Some  examples:
Many experiences of deja vu would be when an echo of a memory overlays a current experience.

At times deja vu is when we are a bit off in our senses, and it causes an internal mismatch between perception and what our mind is thinking it is sensing. That overlap creates a deja vu experience.

At times deja vu is when we sense several potentials at once overlapping creating that repeating sense of experience.

Deja Vu is quite complicated since many different situations can create a deja vu experience. Deja Vu is a term that represents that sensing of the perceptual echo, but many different situations can create a perceptual echo. Depending on what is creating the perceptual echo for your deja vu it changes what the experience means and how to use it.

Additionally below you will find the more commonly asked questions about the third eye.

What is the difference between fear and genuine intuition?

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Third Eye - What is the difference between fear and genuine intuition?
Third Eye - What is the difference between fear and genuine intuition? - youtube Video

Fear represents the focusing upon the connection to a negative potential. To give fear energy is to only manifest negative potentials to become real. Fears diminish us.

Intuition is to focus on graceful options in life that will help us grow and not diminish ourselves.

Soul Work

Healing Your Soul

In many respects, fear and intuition are opposite of each other. It’s acceptable to understand fears so you can move around them or work towards improving life to make sure the fear doesn’t happen. It is a trap to purely focus on the fear since it then prevents more holistic actions that also include positive potentials to be added to the process of living.

Our teachings here are to help a person focus on a broader understanding of all the options, so you grow or move more gracefully in life.

The third eye is genuine, and what it represents isn’t something mystical instead it represents our capacity to see potential.

Because potential isn’t real until something happens: what we see in the third eye feels mystical due to the mystery and unpredictability of what we can see in potential.


The third eye is a practice of awareness and if you let fear or expectation define your awareness, then what one sees is only the worse of what we hold in our minds.

Practice clarity of thought to instead discover the best of what your heart holds.

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