Thoughts about Home

Life should not be defined by only a single home. More importantly, we should allow how we define home to change through time.

For many, people try to shape their life to a household, but I think this is a limitation.

Let me share why I say this:

It’s been a hectic strange week. I was just 6,000 miles, oceans apart, in a place that is no longer my home, but once 30 years ago was a home. Over the last 30 years, an old house I grew in has now been torn down and rebuilt by other people. A former life out of New Jersey has shifted, as people come and go, to shift with all of the motion of life itself.

Over the last 30 years, I have evolved thru being four different people. Understand that every 7 – 9 years a person shifts and changes into something else. The commonality between each life are merely memories of all those various lives that give an illusion of a single life.

People often confuse a home from one part of their life to be the base for another part of their life: due to the way memories blur things together. It isn’t the case.

Home is not defined by a memory. Rather we define it by how we live within our moments.



My Current Home from an older time: Big Island Hawaii – Pre 1900

Allow home to grow with you, relative to how you live and grow yourself. Don’t let memories hold you back from expanding into new abodes, into new environments.

Knowing each place, we may root within is important, More deeply, in rooting we can also pause/rest in home. At some point, it’s possible to discover how to pause anywhere.

So home itself isn’t what defines us. It isn’t our true root; it is merely one place of many our roots can touch. It may seem as our one defining place since it’s the starting place for our initial definition. To think of home as our only defining place also limits us to never growing beyond our beginnings.

We define life by how we move thru it.

Let home also change as you yourself grow.

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@JR: I agree home is where you are in the moment. Yet Home is a concept that has many levels to it, and one level for sure is how people use “home” to define them, rather than letting home be a reflection of who you are now.

Home is an odd concept in my life. Home isn’t a particular. I’ve moved so much in my life that home is where I am. If I am driving down the road, home is there. If I am in a hotel for the night, that is home. I have some landing spot homes: Two are where my children live (and I have yet to visit one of those) and the other is where my friend Christy and her family live. I own a house and when I am there it is home.