Back to Oly for a moment.

It was a good trip.

All a jumbled as:

We swam in many rivers, wandered under the redwoods, explored and poked around ChinaTown, helped some homeless in San Francisco, showed Kendall and Clay not be limited by fear but to reach out always from the heart, played final fantasy at a friend house, tried new food, found a New York Style bagel store – yum – ! Meeting up with a fellow ex-new Yorker to boot, was a tourist, waded at shell beach upon a calm bay, went whale watching, got seriously tumbled about seasick while one-year-old Brisamina just ran about the boat as if nothing was happening against the salt spray, got stuck 3 hours in traffic upon a San-Fran rush hour, embraced a Zen Garden, explored water lilies under a glass conservatory, watched the stars, camped many nights, went swimming in a hotel pool, ate good (but seriously bad for you) snacks in the middle while driving from a to b, argued when tired, slept under a large reaching Oak like tree with roots poking reminders of the earth back into me, smiled upon sunny moments, There was much dancing for Julie within her dance workshop, Kendall and Clay dueled with almost real lightsabers, Brisamina began to discover a larger world thru the eyes of her brothers…

One day it was a perfect day in a hidden river glade.

And once, briefly so briefly, I broke thru this world to the source of my spirit, within a timeless moment to a place beyond dreams: This world is just one of so many we make life to be.



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