Spiritual Fatigue

I have been in the spiritual business for a long time now. Over the last 3 years I have been seeing people in surprisingly large numbers beginning to explore what spirituality means to them and how to use spirituality to improve their life.

Embracing spirituality at first is an amazing process for a person. Using awareness of spirit can expand a person’s options. It represents movement of life. Even minor shifts within one’s life motion can open up huge life improvements. Yet there exist limits and problems with over pushing one’s spiritual growth.

I want to comment on three negative trends I am seeing.



Many people are turning to spirituality to escape from the pains of life. Yes you can dive into spiritual practices to find release, to let go of problems, to discover an expanded view of what is around us. Yet life is to be lived, to be experienced in our actions.

In spirit, I have explored what others would call an expanded reality. However, I am physically centered here in this life. To ignore the physical reality that we are rooted within is to reduce our strength and capacity to explore the larger overall picture of living.

Spirit represents the other expanded levels of reality around us, but it doesn’t represent our physical reality directly. A spiritual experience can have both positive and negative aspects to it. The positive aspect is finding additional angles to see life against. Yet it does expand us away from our physical state of being, which can cause a person to ignore important physical considerations that need tending in life.

As a result, all spiritual practices should be approached with a balanced state of being. We are Mind, Body and Spirit, we always need all three to smoothly live life.

Just because we have huge Physical & Social problems in the world today doesn’t mean we can solve the world’s problem purely with spirit. It doesn’t mean to ignore the larger social issues fully.

Yes a major part of the modern societies problem is that it lacks spirit. But we need to tend to the world’s structural problems (body) and social imbalances (mind / stories) as we add spirit back into the mix of life.

The world needs solutions that consists of mind, body and spirit.

We can’t just escape into the spirit world and hope the physical world will catch up to us.


Modern society is a consumer based society. To consume something is to burn it, leave nothing behind. After consumption a person will be left hungry, they will seek more. Consumerism happily sells a person all they can eat to make profits. This process is stripping the entire planet bare, destroying our physical world.

Spirit is seemingly the ultimate consumer product. As it isn’t physical, you can sell it over and over again. This is how many religions work, selling off spirit to save a person and move them along to a better place.  While this has been a problem for a while, modern culture is beginning to tap into this and sell spirit in a more refined manner. People are craving spirit since in the last hundred years the focus has been too much in body, too much in mind.

As a result I am seeing an increase of smoother more polished advertisement and modern pushing to sell spirit. People are rushing to experience spirit to find deeper answers. People are seeking the fastest and strongest paths back to spirit before they have a chance to ground and be prepared for spirit.

Most people are spiritually innocent, they have the trust of a child in this field.

Spirit cannot be rushed nor consumed. Slow down, pause more and look inward rather than outward in mass-marketed spirit. Be a bit wise as you explore spirit.


Spiritual Fatigue

A larger part of the problem we face in the world today, is literally a lack of spirit. Where people live in the mind and body, but the spirit was left behind at some lonely desert gas station as the culture went on a wild ride. So naturally many people are now diving deeply into spirit, taking it in as quickly as they can to fill in the voids in their life.

Humans love pills and fast solutions. The only problem? The problems we face today took hundreds of years to manifest. We won’t find a pill big enough to solve the problems the world faces, nor will any one answer work fast enough for people. Nor can you soak in to explore  spirit at full steam without consequences.

All too many people are feeling spiritual fatigue.  At first it’s exciting and amazing, but then over time, you discover, not much has changed, or many of your older problems come back.

The path ahead is one which will take many generations to fix. A multi-generation approach is a spiritual answer. This represents the connection of you to your descendants, it represents a connection to you and millions of others working together in a more harmonious manner.

Yet a modern person tries to do it all on one’s own power. That just causes burn out, it causes a person to feel unable to approach larger problems, it jams and spiritually fatigues a person to giving up.

A spiritual path is a way of life that requires slow, paced, and interconnected answers. The spiritual path will spiral you around and around and force you to revisit issues you would like to ignore or thought you conquered. So don’t be tricked into giving up, rather work against the revelations as they keep coming back to improve upon your answers.

Relax a bit and avoid spiritual fatigue.

You have an entire life time to connect and understand spirit. You have an entire lifetime to help improve our world.

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I am very tired of all things spiritual and i feel duped by those selling it.


Thank you. This is validation.