Virtual Actions

Here is an interesting article about young internet surfers around the world.

Before getting lost in how much something will change us or shift societies: also remember the internet is one of many tools we work with to balance our essence of staying human and conscious.

In the end, we are human with imagination and with a need to connect outward in story and action. The internet acts as a lens to focus connection yes. But it is still us, driving the actions.

It’s not worth worrying or guessing about where it will all go.

(Credit to Pyxelated from Deviantart for the pic)

It is for us to live.

While useful, the internet also provides as much useless information that keeps people wading through perceived realities rather than living in action. What started as an interesting article just made me think: It’s time to get my tea and enjoy the sunrise. Peace out my friends.

It’s all about exploring and continue to connect to “potential”. At some point, one has to act in potential to get anywhere. That’s the point people forget about living virtually: they may generate potential which is great, but typically with only a little follow-up action to take advantage of that potential.

People might connect virtually:
But you need to act in real life to fully use potential!

Taoism as a practice teaches all about potential and how to surf that potential. And with every key, you have to remember to use it in the lock to open doors. (Not only to open virtual doors)

Don’t forget the action to balance out the potential.

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