Wage Kindness Against The Machine.

Why rage against the machine when you can instead wage kindness towards the machine?

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”

― Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

Stand for Kindness

A kind path is not necessarily an intuitive path to maintain when working towards social improvements. Teaching kindness today means knowing how to be strong as an individual and a member of society. It means knowing how to speak up. Our voice isn’t silent if we speak with our actions. It means knowing how to act. Our actions are not to be stolen by fear when reinforced by the community.

So we must rediscover today how to stand united and with respect.


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So many people are saying: “we need to re-balance the current social system”. Towards this change we need some structure that doesn’t take away kindness with no social constraints (we are social beings) and yet doesn’t destroy kindness with injustice (society overruling the people).

People often think they understand kindness, but you would be surprised how all too many people think kindness is passive and only being nice. Understand kindness is much more expansive than you might realize.

Here are two articles to help you explore kindness in a deeper manner.

Introduction to Kindness.

Kindness versus Morality

As a teacher of kindness, let me go over some of the hidden truths of working in kindness when society is being unkind.

Extended Rules of Kindness Engagement

  • Kindness doesn’t mean inaction.
  • Kindness doesn’t mean waiting for someone to prove themselves when they are attacking you.
  • Kindness doesn’t mean to be nice. Kindness means to be in essence and to stand up against anything that undercuts your essence.
  • Kindness isn’t to be passive. We must actively stand up to be in our power.
  • Kindness in society requires people to stand up in respect and earn other people’s respect.
  • While kind words are good, kind words must always be backed by strong actions and potential. Otherwise, they are disregarded. Likewise, respect is often backed by action and potential as well.

Let’s face it in today’s modern world we need to be kind in a Samuel L. Jackson “Motherf*cker” Sort of way. Here is the man himself to help you learn how to hold the tone.

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Samuel L. Jackson's Advice On Saying 'Motherfucker'

Yes, we need to get the language right.

Some people may be offended by this, but political correctness is partly to blame for the current 2016 political fiasco.  Politicians are using political correctness to be hidden from the people while behind the scenes, they are the greatest of abusers.

Yes, we can’t always be polite or perfect here so others can live in unkindness force injustice over the people. For example, no legislator should support taking away the blessings of liberty from fellow human beings for religion, sex, race, or nationality. Any of those that do, will get their motherfucker arses voted out of office in the outrage. The United States is a country of we the people. It’s a country that will strive for kindness, not injustice if we the people stand united against such outrageously unjust practices.

Listen to what Samuel L. Jackson said in the interview because he was deeply right. It’s what we put behind the words that give them power. We need to put heart, strength conviction into what we say and act against otherwise we are not acting kindly. Otherwise, we are not backing our actions with essence and the politicians will continue to steal away your power.

Our country is based upon: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” At times we need to get loud, active, and reaffirm the baseline of the United States.

How to Apply Kindness in Society.

I have worked several decades experimenting with how to share kindness. On average I have found:

Kindness is most effective as a bottom up process.
It starts at the individual level and then works up the chain with compassion and actions.

When kindness comes top down, it usually gets twisted and then transformed into morality, injustice, crusades, and abuse.

So if kindness doesn’t work well in changing how people at the top act kindly: how do you face the system with kindness? More importantly, how does a person react when working bottom up isn’t enough on its own?

To apply kindness to a social system means to create respect first.

Let’s be honest kindness is not respected by many people in power.

Sadly all too often people in power abuse power and take power away from those with less power. So the first step to work towards kindness is to improve personal power. Once you are strong, then help your neighbors become strong. Together you stand up and create respect by standing against injustice. Only after you have gained respect from those in power will they begin to return kindness to you.

Fighting with kindness means pushing in a manner to gain respect.  This unfortunately, often does mean resisting all social measures that take away personal power. Civil disobedience, rejecting misuse of power, economic boycotts, being loud and strong are some of the valid kind approaches to resolve out systemic prejudice. To have kindness towards a person in power is to be in your own power while working with them.

Waiting for someone high up to save you will never work. The people need to share in power together so that power, in turn, will be respected and then acknowledged by the leaders.

This doesn’t necessarily mean fighting with force all the time, since if you fight someone with power, they will double down on the force they use against you.  This means picking and choosing your fights with awareness. We should support each other in the fights we may have, but in the end, in kindness, we fight the fights which are in our hearts to back fully and that build up support. Otherwise, you won’t withstand what gets thrown at you.

Issue #1)

Today we are in a situation where we might need to do more. We still need to work in kindness at a person to person level. We can’t underestimate how important it is to help people at a personal level. Yet the complexity of our world and scale of problems we face have exceeded common sense kindness. So this means also pushing up the chain more than we normally would in better times.

Issue #2)
Ironically you cannot in kindness help a person who accepts their abuse, when they are actively giving their power away. You can only help in kindness when a person is ready to break free or be in their power.

You first have to help empower people to be in their essence. Understand that a person who is abused has had their power stolen by their abuser. If you don’t first help an abuse victim re-discover their power, they will instead only help the person who holds their power.

This means we cannot fight another person’s fight. We fight our own fights.

Issue #3)
Another issue is this: what is kind to a society or a small group of people in power is often unkind to the common man or the rest of society. Yes, today, we are in a situation that our leaders are abusing the general population. Unfortunately, what is good for the leadership collective at the moment isn’t good for the larger collective of humanity.

So appealing with logic won’t sway those in power because it would undercut their power. So appealing to those with power won’t work when their power isn’t connected to you. Lets again be honest: most people in power are beholden to corporations, personal relations and other backers and not to us the people.

When over 50% of people don’t vote in the 2016 election, what politician is going to bother and listen to you the voter when you don’t vote??? If we have congressmen in an office with only 17% approval rating of Congress getting re-voted back in, that says it all! All too many politicians feel as if they don’t need your vote or voice. Change this truth today. Make your representatives know you exist. Stand up to them, back up your words with votes and actions; otherwise, they have no need to listen to you. And when they block your right to vote, which is happening, with thunder and conviction, we must break down those constraints and reclaim our voting rights.

Kindness means to first change the game so those in power require you to be in power.

Once a person in power requires you to be in power, then they will listen to you. So listen deeply to this basic truth of kindness:  change the game so you are part of the game.

In Conclusion

Remember while many people hold kindness in a cuddly manner:

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Free Hugs Campaign - Official Page (music by Sick Puppies)

We must always hold kindness so that it also includes Strength and Respect!

In kindness to stand up, speak out our rights, and act to back our words to be united and free together in this United States. No one is going to use fear mongering to make us inhuman. No one is going to register, degrade, or belittle us into not standing up in kindness to be human.

No one can do this, if in essence, if in kindness, in strength, when being true to ourselves, we stand up and resist all forms of repression.

This is our challenge of this generation here and now to discover how to stand up together in sharing power is indeed kindness. This is how we reinforce humanity rather than watch it be torn down by those with prejudice.

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Aloha Casey! Kind words can only mean something if kind actions follow. Had Martin Luther King just stayed in his church preaching without acts of kindness and strength in his many marches through the South I doubt we would have ever heard of him. I think we have failed the generations marching in the street today. They seem more like rehearsed puppets convinced that the aimless repetition of Rule #5 and iPhone apps will win their Freedom from bad people! It comes to me that we should have never fought in the 1960s to eliminate the “draft” during the Vietnam… Read more »