What’s New On A Personal Tao

What’s New for Spring 2018

We Are Writing a New Book!

We have started writing a book on love and relationships. We will share it on Patreon as we write it and then self publish it once done. More details in April! Our new goal is to write one new book every six months to cover each major topic we have on the Personal Tao Site.

More Site Improvements

Spent time to squeeze another 25% site speed improvement.

Personal Tao Blog

Our Blog Section has been improved to be easier to navigate and read.

Patron only Library

Our patron only library is always expanding now. Teachings about healing, aging, magic and improving life are some of the topics we cover.

Long Term Personal Tao Goals
  • Create a Discord chat room server for real-time interaction between everyone in our Awakening Dragon and Patron Community.

New Articles

Latest Site Posts
Tree of Love

Relationship Tips

Relationship Notes We have started to write the Tree of Love book about relationships. Becoming a 25 dollar patron will give you access to materials as we write the book. This blog post is simply a first pass of transcribing…
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Edit Your Ego – Daily

Concept: ego, by way of the eyes, edits our perspective of life compared to how filmmakers edit cinema. We edit every day, regardless of whether we work in film or TV.  Perhaps you didn’t realize that you’re already a natural!…
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Angels, Saints and Holy Days

Angels, Bodhisattva, and Immortals. Angel: An extension of God that works to make others whole. – From Zoroastrianism and Abrahamic Religions Bodhisattva: A human striving in compassion to help teach others how to release suffering. – From Buddhism  Immortal: A…
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Older Site Changes

What’s New for Winter 2018

Speeded Up site performance.

Our web pages will load up to 50% faster now.

Personal Tao Newsletter

We now have a video newsletter!  We have gone beyond old fashion email newsletters.

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No More Google Ads

Our site has always been 80% ad-free. We did use google ads on a few pages for a year. We decided that by going to a patron based website to remove google ads off of the site. I don’t like ads on sites and want your experience to be as clean and free as possible.

Thanks for supporting us through patreon to make this possible!

Updated Personal Tao YouTube Channel

We have polished and improved our YouTube channel.

Once a month we will produce an expanded video to deepen our teachings and complement one of our articles.

Continued Revising / Rewriting the Entire Site!

We are down to revising and updating the final 150 pages and posts for the Personal Tao site. The last 12 months revising 650 out of 800 pages has been quite the experience.

New Retreat Options

We now offer partial day retreat packages for people who want to mix a vacation and retreat into a single experience.

What’s New for Summer 2018

Added Patreon support

To focus on creating high-quality materials and help more people we have become a patron supported web site. Join us on Patreon to help us help others. Having patrons allows us to put more time into expanding and improving the Personal Tao teachings. Also, Patrons have access to writings, audios, and videos that we will never publish on the website!

Moved to a Faster and Better Web Server

We migrated A Personal Tao to an expanded and faster web server to keep up with our growth!

Continued Revising / Rewriting the Entire Site!

Over the last six months, we have revised, expanded, polished and improved over 400 pages on the site. For example, visit the Midlife section. We will finish updating the entire site by the end of the year.

Check out the New Poetry Section.
The entire art, photo, and poetry section has been updated to be cleaner and more fun to read and navigate.

Personal Tao Videos

Last summer we started the Personal Tao YouTube Video Channel. After experimenting for the last year, Julie and I have just expanded our video equipment and will begin producing higher quality and more videos on a monthly basis!

What’s New for Winter 2017 / Spring 2018

Site Modifications

  • We have added a whole new comment system to improve your experience reading comments on our site.
  • Updated to SSL to improve your security when visiting our site.

New Articles

Revising / Rewriting the Entire Site!

The first two sections to be revised are

This is a very large effort and we are going to polish, add, refine roughly 200 out of the 800 pages on the site. No material is static. As we live what we use to teach against should be polished and refined for the times. While we always gently polish over time all our teaching and articles the first stage of this process is to make the Personal Tao site better for the smart phone experience.

Latest Video Projects

Tao Talk – Being Human

Tao Talk : Anger

Facing the Unknown

What is Daoism?

Be Kind to Yourself in Relationships