Working with Rage

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Working with Rage
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Let’s face it; rage is scary. We lose control with rage. Often rage can come out as a surprise from deep inside.  Once we are within rage, there isn’t much to do, but to wait for it to subside. It’s possible to learn how to release the pressures that drive rage. However, working in conditions of high pressure is tricky even in controlled environments. The deeper trick with working with rage is learning how to prevent it from happening.

Social Rage

If you look at the news, you will find more instances of rage based attacks happening around the world. As society becomes more unequal, as the rich steal more from the poor, you will find more people who have fewer options in how to stand up in their life. Look at how people in power are no longer listening to the general population, and you have the perfect storm of rage coming out of the inability of people to mix and work together.

Ironically those in power will further isolate themselves in response to rage. Rather than trying to improve society, you will find many governments and those with power further suppress the average person. While some governments like Germany and Iceland are working to improve society, we still have the trend of China, Russia, England, and the United States becoming more repressive.

working with rage

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A society can express rage much as a person does in life. We are seeing societies acting with rage. The United States, as a society in rage, is an out of control giant rampaging across our planet.

So rage is essential to address now, because of the storm of rage that is building. We have to learn how to work to calm down the various social giants before they tear our world apart.

Don’t let social crisis take away your power. Don’t let social crisis force you only to lash out. Even stranger social crisis is going to force people to face a personal crisis or even push people into midlife crisis before they are ready to wake up gracefully.  The solution isn’t to ignore this storm about to happen. The trick is being proactive in your own life to live more gracefully. Be willing to listen and work with others. Since society is us, changing how we live influences society to release the rage.

Dispel Rage

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Regaining Personal Power

A shamanic practice works quite well with handling rage.

With awareness, we can learn how to notice the rage before it stirs up.

With practice, we can reshuffleing and then dissipate the emotions, instincts, and anger before it becomes rage.

We can journey to go far away from the inputs that would cause rage.

With meditation, you can learn how to calm the rage down.

You learn how to work with the echoes and ghosts from the past that often try to drive rage onward.

Soul Work

Healing Your Soul

Don't Fear the Times

Replace Anxiety with Enlightenment.
Turn Social Crisis into Transformation.

Learn How to Change the Game!

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This is an interesting article. Thank you. I enjoyed the video as well. The definition of anger vs hate vs rage made a lot of sense.

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