A Modern and Yet Old Fairy Tale

Perhaps to tumble, as in:
Once upon a time…
Fairy tales, telling stories about our place.

Witness reality instead:
Once upon a time
A mermaid was tricked onto land.
Fooled into thinking she was a breeze.
She flies high and far in dreams…
while chains and pains kept her in place.

I do wonder…
Does she still know how to swim?

Stories and fairy tales accumulate.
Leading me to believe in many things.

Once upon a time
I knew a fool
It was… and is: me,
believing I could make a difference.

… Yet I do.
… once upon a time,
… in my daughter’s smiling eyes..

Fairy tales: stories of here and now.
What we become: is never about the place.
As each day our feet trace the tale.

Casey Kochmer Nov 2006

Happiness is not a definition nor a story on how we should be.
It’s for us to live: To who we are!

Fairy Tale

Art By Nath0905


So much I want to say. Instead, I remain silent except for my fairy tale here: as life has a way of working itself out… even when it isn’t happily forever.

Happiness is not a definition. It’s for others to live… to who they are…

My poetry is personal, but I wonder at times if others get the references. For example, as my style is to merge written word poetry with spoken word accents. The last word silently reads like a tale, but verbally speaks out as Tail.

We travel out our path and as the mermaid trading her tail for tales and feet: so many people hem in and step upon their own tails, dreams, and nature…

I wonder if my friend knows part of this fairy tale poem is for her: to show that she can still swim. And all I feel is an up-welling oceanic tear, since it appears she has forgotten.

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