Letting go to Chaos,
Into our Pattern (Fractal in Nature)
is part of the Zen path.

Roger Johnston

This is part of the secret in being truly yourself.

In the fractal pattern of life: We start off as a seed pattern. However the final shape, the final form is unique to each one of us. For example: just as fingerprints are unique even to twins. A finger print is defined by the initial fractal pattern seed (Yin) combining to the random interactions of growth (Yang) within the womb end up producing each final finger print to be unique.

Our individuality, our unique spin in consciousness is due to chaos. Chaos is what makes each human uniquely an individual human.

Without chaos we would each be just simply organic computers without a defined sense of true self.

We are a fire engaged within a dance of life and the peak of our experience is also the peak of our individuality. In this, is part of the reason why the hardest times of life are often remembered as the best times of life… since we are shaping towards our ultimate expression of what we are.

To be free in a Zen Garden…

Is to release into the chaos of your life.

Strangely when this is done.

You don’t discover noise or chaos
It opens up peaceful silence of simply being…
Just being yourself.

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Hidden Secrets

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