Over the flowing water
chasing its shadow
the dragonfly


In seeking answers
We dart about seeking shadows
of our own nature, of our own truth.

the beauty
of hidden things


People prize what is hidden and rare
more than what is common.So people hide the most important truths
despite them being “common” and always in the heart.
Seemingly to make such truth more precious and valuable!

As a result
Many get lost to the way,
Despite the Tao always being in sight.

cool clear water
and fireflies that vanish
that is all there is…

Chiyo-ni’s death Haiku

What secrets do you hide from yourself?

How to Hide

I was just thinking about how a person can be afraid to be themselves in front of others. How people hide from others to protect themselves. So I was thinking about how would a Taoist go about this.

The only safe way to hide what you are is to be what you are.

Which is strange, as if this is the case: then might as well be what you are all the time. Makes life so much easier from all perspectives.

Now if you want to know how to be what you are, while hiding what you are, well then it’s best to ask a magician for this is what they do best. But be cautioned, a magician is someone who by their very nature can never truly reveal their secrets.

Reveal Hidden Stories

Secrets are often truths others are unwilling to embrace as fact. Truth is always present, yet secrets are denied the truth, and in being denied: secrets are a truth that over time crumbles into becoming falsehoods and lies.

Taoists do not hide secrets; rather we tell stories. All truth is a story to embrace and learn from. All stories are prismatic with both truth and falsehoods mixed in to balance out the tale.

Instead of hiding truth, instead of defining life to only your facts, release into discovering the stories of life. Discover how to learn from each story told and encountered in your travels.

Be brave enough to become your full story.

If you understand this post, then you have the makings of becoming a great Taoist indeed. But more importantly, then you will discover how to live life with grace.


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