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Personal Tao Book – Audio Version

The audiobook is available to our 10.00 Patrons.

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Improving Your Meditation Practice

Meditation and mindfulness are fast-growing practices. This audio goes over some guided meditation practice runs and discusses nuances of meditation to help your practice along.

This 40-minute audio is based on the Guided Meditation, Forms and Improving Your Practice article.

The audio also adds in two very simple practice runs for guided meditation.

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Meditation for Patrons

Using Edges In Life

This 20 minute audio goes over what an edge is, learning with edges, knowledge vs edges, traps of assumptions, edges in communication, stories as an edge, edges and Taoism as well as Magic and Edges.

Remember the teacher isn’t your edge, the edge is the teacher.

This is a patron only audio file. Become a $10.00 a month Personal Tao patron to access and listen to this audio file.

Rattle, Body and Light Meditation

A ten-minute audio meditation to build body and energy awareness. As you practice this meditation over time you will strengthen your ability to visualize your current soul state and shift it in a positive direction.

When we use our third eye on a regular basis it is good to check in with our internal energy. This audio meditation will help balance and energize the core body including the chakras. Light visualization is the practice of opening and energizing all of the core body from the crown to the root chakra. This balancing is helpful in expanding our third eye visioning capacity.

This audio meditation starts with a minute of rattling to shift the brain down from an active day. Then, the rattling is followed by 5 minutes of guided body parts meditation & relaxation. Finally, this meditation closes with 3 minutes of guided light visualization (piko piko).

10 Minutes Long, 10 MB in size. Cost .99¢ US

When Your Partner Leaves

Audio Part 1 – Introduction

1) Coming to Terms: Release the Feelings of Guilt
2) Don’t Play What if Games.
3) You are not Your Partner’s Healer Now.
4) Don’t Try to Emotionally Support a Partner that has Left.
5) Work on Yourself!

13 Minutes Long, 18 MB in size. Cost $2 US

Buy: Relationships – Part 1 – When Your Partner Leaves – Introduction

Audio Part 2 – Communication

1) Communication : Less is More.
2) Give Space
3) Will They Come Back?
4) How to Balance the Relationship.
5) Take the Time to Grow.

10 Minutes Long, 17 MB in size. Cost $2 US

Buy: Relationships – Part 2 – When Your Partner Leaves – Communication

Understanding a Spiritual Divorce

Spiritual divorce is an alternative solution for handling marriage and relationship problems.

Different options exist to guide relationships through their troubles and some answers aren’t obvious at all. One option I have created for my clients is a more spiritual separation process. This process has an amazing success rate for repairing friendships when they have reached a point of breaking.

21 Minutes Long, 30 MB in size. Cost $3.95 US

Buy: Exploring A Spiritual Divorce

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Working with Relationships

If you are dealing with a partner who is in the process of leaving or has just left: here is some quick but powerful advice to help you turn around the despair you feel.

Facing Midlife Affairs

Facing Midlife Transformation

Turning Midlife Crisis Into Transformation

Shamanic Drumming

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