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Aloha & Welcome to One River Personal Retreats!

Our Hawaiian retreats are one on one and tailored specifically to meet your needs. We have developed a graceful system that expands out your retreat to be a complete experience. We will help you walk through and develop your own retreat. During the retreat, our attention means the actual retreat evolves as you learn. Afterwards, we are still accessible, to guide you as you apply the lessons smoothly into your life. Our retreats flow as a life-changing process and are far more than just taking one week off from your life. We are here to help you connect fully into a more complete and graceful life.

Personal Retreat Programs

Your Hosts and Teachers
Casey Kochmer

Our Hawaiian Retreats Offer

  • Personal Development
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Midlife Growth & Healing
  • Meditation Training
  • Qi Gong & Exercise sessions
  • Taoist Teachings
  • Shamanic Teachings
  • Dance & Movement Work
  • Herbal Counseling
  • Relationship Work
  • Organic Meals

A retreat is a major investment in your life. We recognize you are at an important point in life, and we are here to make your process as smooth as possible. You can choose the teachings that matter most to you. We’ll make sure the experience matches your personality and requirements in a manner you can never achieve in a larger group setting.


Personal Retreat Activities

Some of the activities you may enjoy during your personal retreat stay include: exploring spiritual practices, breaking out of routine, a massage or bodywork session, meditation, movement classes including yoga and dance, Qi Gong, walking through tropical gardens, visiting waterfalls, going to see the active volcano, soaking in natural hot springs, swimming with dolphins and turtles or walking along a beautiful white sand beach. By taking a moment to re-connect to your soul you will find yourself more available to spirit, your true essence shining bright and in motion.

Our personalized service sets us apart from other retreat centers. With a personal One River Hawaiian Retreat, you can explore your own development in depth, at your own pace and without getting lost in the crowd.

Come to Hawaii and discover what so many others have found. A complete teaching & healing experience that opens up new possibilities for your next steps in life.


In general, we work and teach in a system we call time for time. Costs are relative to each person. How we work with each person is centered around a balanced exchange of time and support which works in both directions. We personally developed the time to time system ourselves to ensure a better experience for everyone. Time for time works so gracefully many other teachers have been adopting our system. Contact us directly to ask about costs and to arrange your retreat.

Retreat Duration

Generally, people come for three and five-day personal retreats and also add in a few days for a personal vacation to enjoy Hawaii. We also offer partial day options.

Retreat Location

The One River Hawaiian retreat center is located in Hilo Hawaii next to the Wailuku river. Come join us by the river to find both answers and the inner calm you have been seeking.

Depending on the flow of your personal retreat, we visit different spots on the Big Island to compliment your transformation process.

In our travels, we have found the greatest sense of peace on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our intimate retreat center has an ideal mixture of spiritual, cultural, natural and healing settings. We help any seeker find resolution in his or her personal journey.

Since most of our retreats are one on one, it’s possible to arrange a personal retreat in other locations.

Expanding Your Retreat

A retreat is an amazingly powerful experience, but keeping the peace of mind and centering after a retreat can be a challenge. The learning process doesn’t have to end when you leave Hawaii. You are going back into the world and applying the lessons learned from working with us. This isn’t as simple as many people think. You can continue to work with us over the phone / Internet to help to balance out your experience as you evolve.

Online Retreats

Online Retreats


Come Join us in an Online Retreat Session.

Online Retreat
Personal Tao

First Time Retreats

This represents a powerful moment of your life. If you are considering your first retreat, the process of sorting out all the possible options and finding the right options can be overwhelming. To make our Hawaiian retreats accessible right away, we offer the additional option to work with you directly before you come to Hawaii. We can work with you over the phone or Internet. In this manner, you can get to know us personally and begin learning right away. Additionally, since we get to know you before you come here, we can fine tune and customize your time here precisely to your needs. This allows Julie and Casey to make each Hawaiian retreat an amazing experience for everyone.

A personal retreat in Hawaii gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself while learning more about life.

We craft personal retreats to match your needs precisely. Julie and Casey are here to teach and assist you throughout the entire retreat. During your personal retreat, you can also take time off to simply relax and be present in your life.

Personal Transformation

Talk a Walk Around Our Retreat Center

Look into the morning dew
finding a soul’s shape
reflected in your footsteps.

At times, a person just needs to get away and start over. We reach key moments in our life where we need to pause and find better options. A midlife retreat is a graceful option for transformation and a fresh start. A midlife crisis breaks you down, but our retreat will help you find the space and tools to turn it all around into a transformation that serves you. This is an opportunity to get active personal guidance to help sort out life.

Midlife Retreat Options

A personal retreat is a time to find freedom and fulfill oneself. The process is about “fulfillment” & “embodiment”… words that capture the true essence of our retreat process.

You might initially experience a feeling of hesitation because this is the moment to tackle the harder challenges that have been hindering your life up to now. We take this into account. Before the midlife retreat starts, we will talk together to help you move through complicated challenges more gracefully.

At midlife, you might be driven by the need to explore, run, or by a mixture of conflicting emotions. So the word “retreat” can appropriately capture the initial “feeling” for the action required to start the process of change. We will help you move ahead without running away from your life.

This retreat will guide you around the questions you can’t quite answer and that persistently nag at you. During the retreat, you will peel away judgments holding you back from a full life. Visit us with this expectation: finding a wholesome path out of a midlife crisis and into a life of your choosing. Every retreat always goes far beyond what a person will imagine can happen. It’s an amazing process of finding new ground to explore.

Your Transformation Guide

Casey has spent 15 years exploring and understanding the nature of the midlife crisis. Our midlife crisis retreats are optimized to help provide insightful perspectives and guidance that transforms confusion into direction and anxiety into clarity.

Midlife Crisis is an ever-shifting process. It’s a time of great change. Midlife Crisis can shake up any person to their very core. It doesn’t make a difference who you are, how organized or spiritual you are. Casey will turn the more painful aspects of this current crisis into positive growth. Our retreat will show you how to minimize hurting yourself and those you love within this time of transformation.

Remote (Virtual) Retreat Option

Not everyone has the resources to come to Hawaii. So in 2010, we developed a new option called a remote retreat. We can help you arrange a personal retreat closer to where you live. Take a vacation or break someplace close that has always called to you or to that special place you go naturally for personal recharging. We would then work with you over the phone / Internet for several hours each day, teaching what you need most while you enjoy that special location nearer to you.

Remote personal retreats are very affordable since you are now using our teaching over the phone/internet rate. This is a popular option for many of our students. We perform many remote personal retreats every year to best match our student’s needs in life. If you want to attend a retreat with us and cannot afford the more expensive Hawaiian retreat option, then contact us, and we will help you create a remote personal retreat!

Arranging Personal Retreats

The first step is to talk with you directly and review your full situation. In this initial step, we begin to teach right away to help in your life. Because of this, we can begin to pre-teach many concepts and work with retreat clients long before they even come to the retreat in Hawaii. This makes the actual attendance of the personal retreat far more powerful: since we will have already started you moving in the direction needed and you will get to know us long before the personal retreat begins.

Many people can be fearful before starting a personal retreat. This process permits us to dispel all fears and get everyone to a stronger place before the retreat even begins.

So the first step would be to schedule an initial talk and start the process moving.

Learn more about our Couples Retreats

Small-Group Big Island Retreats

If you’re planning to be on the Big Island of Hawaii and would like to experience a retreat with a couple of friends or family (2 to 6 people), this may be the option for you. Schedule a half-day (4 hours) retreat to practice qigong at the beach and learn about energy together. Try different types of meditation and experience a shamanic meditation to drumming. Ask us about modern Taoism and how to apply it to your life!

Contact Us to schedule an initial session and let us know what days and activities you like to arrange.

Group & Family Retreats in Hawaii
Arrange your family or group retreat today!

Casey and Julie are your personal retreat guides. Unlike a mass-market retreat geared as a commercial and generic experience, here you get to be inspired and follow your process as it unfolds in the retreat.

We share our Taoist temple with others, the temple being our lives, and our home on the Wailuku River. This sharing opens up the opportunity to explore many practices and activities. In this manner, we ensure unique and fulfilling personal retreats.

I have been working with Casey for a long time and have attended his retreat in Hawaii. As a counselor, Casey has helped me navigate through several difficult life transitions. As a spiritual guide, Casey has been a marvelous teacher. I have seen him work in a group setting and I admire his ability to tailor his advice to each individual. I highly recommend Casey’s coaching and retreats to all my friends. He is a gem!

After a difficult year, I spent a week at A Personal Tao Retreat, it was the perfect spot for my mini vacation. I am grateful to Casey and his family for giving me a place where I could take a breath and hit the reset button in my brain. It felt like I was able to spend some time alone, yet be with friends. I was free, yet I felt guided. I stayed in a quiet suite on one side of the house. It has its own entrance, a comfortable king-size bed, a kitchen area with a sink, cabinets, and refrigerator, plus a full, separate bathroom. Every morning I awoke to the beautiful songs of the local birds. I then took a barefoot walk through the soft grass, enjoying my beautiful surroundings, until I would find myself looking down at the three-story waterfall at the end of the property! Not only was I able to learn some Taoist wisdom and practice meditation with Casey–who is an incredible teacher–this retreat was the perfect home base from which to explore the Big Island. I enjoyed sightseeing, snorkeling, and shopping in Hilo and went wine tasting at a nearby winery. I sampled the nightlife in Kona and took an awesome ecstatic dance class taught by Casey’s wife Julie! I would call this a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience, except that I plan on going back… next time I will bring my 6-year-old daughter. 🙂


I want to thank you for all the guidance you are giving me during this difficult time. You listen to me and understand what I am going through. You have helped me sort through the changes happening in myself, my marriage, and my family. You have pointed out to me that I am beating myself up. You are showing me concrete examples of how I can apply Taoism to my life even though it is a bit messy right now.

It is a huge relief to have someone on my side–considering I’m not even on my side at the moment!

You are the exact person I need at this moment of my life and I am very grateful.



A Kind Retreat Healing me After My Marriage Ended
A Kind Retreat Healing me After My Marriage Ended


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