Midlife Crisis & Transformation

Midlife Change is About Transformation

The impact of a midlife change touches every aspect of a person’s life. We offer a complete set of materials here for you to understand every part the experience commonly known as a midlife crisis. This time is also known as midlife transition. Julie and I created the term midlife transformation in 2006 since it helps people approach their change in a positive manner.

Explore our articles to help find answers for your midlife transformation.

When you need personal assistance, Julie and I work with you directly to solve every challenge that arises with your midlife change. We will help you improve life within midlife transformation.

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Midlife Crisis and Transformation
Learn more about midlife crisis and how to turn it into a midlife transformation.
All Midlife Articles
All Midlife Articles
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A Midlife Crisis

Welcome to our complete midlife crisis guide consisting of 15 years of expert teachings and videos. Midlife Crisis Signs The truest indicators are the signs that illustrate drastic lifestyle changes in a person’s life. Most typically, it will be friends…
Alternatives to Divorce

Alternatives to Divorce

Nothing instills fear like the prospect of a divorce. Midlife crisis brings up the possibility of midlife divorce. When facing the fear of legal separation Julie and I can help you find answers. Understand, alternatives to divorce do exist. More…

Audio Files About MidLife Crisis

This collection of midlife audio files will help give more in-depth and more personal help in helping understand Midlife and Relationship dynamics. Midlife Introduction A Midlife Crisis Alternatives to Divorce Getting Unstuck in Life Helping Partners Change Midlife Crisis Affairs…

Becoming Someone

It’s a tough challenge rebuilding oneself into a new life. When this challenge comes at a low point, which is often the case, you will also have to face personal insecurities and judgments of failure. A common question is this…

Crisis, Purpose of Life and Taoism

Midlife Crisis has two extremes; it either energizes you with a new purpose of life or a person feels lost as they wrestle for meaning in their life Disconnected from the Purpose of Life Midlife crisis focuses a person towards…

Helping Husbands and Wives Through Crisis and Change

Helping Your Partner in MidLife CrisisHelping Your Partner in MidLife Crisis I get quite a few emails from partners of people experiencing Midlife Crisis. This article is for all partners: wives, husbands, married or unmarried to help you successfully navigate…

I am Having an Affair

Affairs are a part of life. While in an ideal world we wouldn’t need to worry about having an affair, the world is far from ideal. Many times, we are not in a perfect relationship. We might love a person,…

Menopause and Midlife Crisis

Let the world be a reflection of yourself in acceptance. Midlife transformation represents a changing point for any person, to start living life on their terms. However, menopause isn’t always a change a woman is ready to accept in their…
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Growing Beyond Midlife Crisis
Learn more about midlife crisis and how to turn it into a midlife transformation.

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Thank you so much for writing this article. I was so lost until I read your information. It gave me direction and understanding. I cried out to Source for answers and I was lead to your site. Now I am excited to see who I am on the other side of my transformation.


As a man in his early 40’s I went through a transformation and simplified my life. It really helped. I also actually wrote down my priorities and realized that I needed to prioritize my marriage more than I had. I never wrote down on paper what I valued and what brought me joy before and I made some changes for the better. I shed myself of as much negativity that was necessary. As far as the Tao; for years I found Buddhism was the path I most followed but in most recent times I find that the teachings of the… Read more »


Thanks in support of sharing such a good opinion, article is nice, that is why I have read it entirely.

Jay Rambin

Great article, comments and discussions. I live in Kona and am about 6 mos into my MLT. Im excited about it actually. But, there are challenges. I’m taking some time off from work to work on myself. I may come visit you guys. Mahalo.

Eno de Strandzanger

I applaud your concern for midlife crisis and the (teaching of the ) application of Zen/Tao on it. I wish you great achievements with it. I know it can be done.


Anne, everything in life has its on frustrations! If you really love and respect your husband as well as your child just stick to them and give them the best of what you have!!


Thank you for the great information on midlife crisis and transformation. I’m in my early 40s and a decade younger than my husband. We’ve been married nearly 20 years and together for nearly 24. I was in need of a father figure when we met, and my responsible, supportive husband fit that bill perfectly. We have a recent high school graduate child, and less than a week after our child’s 18th birthday, a former “best friend” and crush from high school directly contacted me and rekindled a spark we’ve shared for nearly 30 years. This reconnection isn’t your standard old… Read more »


Most of the time, what really happens is that one falls in love not exactly with the person (crush) but with the concept and fantasy behind what this person was at the moment you knew him. Time passes by, and in the here and now, this person as you see him exists just in your imagination. if you happen to share some daily and trivial moments with this person, will not take long to realize that the person that was idealized does not exist anymore.


What a beautiful article 🙂 … reading that made me realize that I am going through inner battle and I am in Midlife Transformation. Now I understand that I need to rid myself of the negativity and embrace the coming change. Thanks Casey