This collection of midlife audio files will help give more in-depth and more personal help in helping understand Midlife and Relationship dynamics.

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Working with Relationships

If you are dealing with a partner who is in the process of leaving or has just left: here is some quick but powerful advice to help you turn around the despair you feel.


When Your Partner Leaves – Part 1 – Introduction

1) Coming to Terms: Release the Feelings of Guilt
2) Don’t Play What if Games.
3) You are not Your Partner’s Healer Now.
4) Don’t Try to Support a Partner that has Left Emotionally.
5) Work on Yourself!

13 Minutes Long, 18 MB in size. Cost $2 US

Buy: Relationships – Part 1 – When Your Partner Leaves – Introduction

When Your Partner Leaves – Part 2 – Communication

1) Communication: Less is More.
2) Give Space
3) Will They Come Back?
4) How to Balance the Game.
5) Take the Time to Grow.
6) More about Communication.

10 Minutes Long, 17 MB in size. Cost $2 US

Buy: Relationships – Part 2 – When Your Partner Leaves – Communication

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