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Essence Layers

Exploring Essence

One of the most powerful teachings is to show a person their essence. Once you know your essence, it explains many of your mysterious actions and desires.

Exploring Life, Death and Aging

Death & Aging are part of our natural life, yet people avoid making them more graceful in life. Learn how to understand and come to terms with both the nature of death and aging.
Meditation Introduction

Exploring Meditation Class

Meditation is a process of expanding your awareness. Learn Dragon Fire Meditation , Morning Meditation and a series of guided meditations to kick start your meditation practice.
Trauma - Changing Your Story

Healing Trauma, Self-Forgiveness & Self-Love

Explore how to release your trauma and live a complete life. Redefine your life, stories, and situation to be a better life.
Energy Work

Personal Energy Online Course

These five personal energy sessions will help you build, expand and learn more about your personal energy
Finding Peace with Anger and Anxiety

Resolving Anger and Anxiety

Learn how to understand the nature of anger and anxiety. Learn methods of working with and then releasing both anger and anxiety.
Blessing and Prayers

Shamanism Foundations

Shamanism Foundations is an introductory course geared towards helping you gain a strong understanding of Shamanism as well as develop a personal shamanic practice. Includes a Personal Session.
Shamanic Coaching & Transformation

Spiritual Coaching & Transformation

Go Deeper into Shamanism. Shamanic Coaching & Transformation is a six-week course geared towards teaching important shamanic principles for transformation. These teachings are easily integrated into coaching sessions for clients and your own personal transformation. Includes a Personal Session.
Tao - Yin Yang of Life

Taoism Introduction

9 recorded classes that go over the aspects of Taoism and how to live a better life using Taoist teachings. The best way to learn Taoism is to live Taoism. So the classes will be applying Taoism to everyday life situations.
Tree of Love Relationship Teachings

Tree of Love Class

With the Tree of Love framework, you can precisely measure the status of a relationship and what work needs to be done to improve your relationship.
Whole Life Healing

Whole Life Healing

Learn how to improve your healing process in this 2-hour class. To heal: is to make whole. Explore the many paths that comprise what we call healing.
Working With Pain

Working with Pain

The class will go over the nature of pain and how to redirect our senses to work with pain in a more proactive manner.

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