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Midlife Crisis Guide

Midlife Crisis Signs & Guide

Midlife Crisis is About Transformation The impact of a midlife crisis touches every aspect of a person’s life. The pent up frustrations that a person experiences during midlife change can lead to drastic actions that disrupt everything in that person’s…
Midlife Help

MidLife Help and Counseling

MidLife Help for Transformation Finding help and solutions for a midlife crisis is challenging. At midlife, we become more independent and often have a deep need to find your own way ahead in life. However, many traps exist for the…

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Helping Husbands and Wives Through Crisis and Change

Helping Your Partner in MidLife CrisisHelping Your Partner in MidLife Crisis I get quite a few emails from partners of people experiencing Midlife Crisis. This article is for all partners: wives, husbands, married or unmarried to help you successfully navigate…
quarterlife crisis

Quarterlife Crisis

I have been getting quite a few emails from people who are in their twenties with this quarter-life crisis question: “I am too young to be having a midlife crisis and yet, everything feels like I am having a crisis.…

Unemployed at Over 40 And Redefining Work

Unemployed at 40, 45, 50 Employment is a huge issue in midlife. Coping with unemployment during a midlife crisis is a very common problem. If you have been recently laid off, facing unemployment or having a bit of a problem…
midlife transition

Midlife Transition Questions and Answers

Growing Beyond Midlife CrisisLearn more about midlife crisis and how to turn it into a midlife transformation. An Overview of Midlife Transition & Crisis The term midlife crisis brings up many images. In America, it brings up deriding images of…

Midlife Relationships

Introduction to Midlife Relationships Midlife crisis changes a person’s life in many profound manners including how they connect to other people. As midlife changes a person, it shifts who a person talks to for insights in life. A person in…
breaking up

Spiritual Divorce

A spiritual divorce is an elegant and alternative solution for handling marriage problems. Different options exist to guide relationships through their troubles, and some answers aren’t obvious at all. One option I have created for my clients is Spiritual Divorce.…

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