Our VIP couple retreat builds a foundation for a new and revitalized relationship.

Julie and Casey have 10 Years of experience creating customized couples retreats for people around the world. Every VIP couple retreat we host is tailored expressively for you and your partner. This is your private couples retreat to improve your relationship.

Our elite couple retreat package will take care of you with deep kindness. We will help you both find answers and improve the flow of your relationship.

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Couples Retreat Flow

This is your couples retreat, customized to fit the needs of your evolving relationship. The flow of each retreat is unique to each couple.

The first step would be to work with you each, individually, directly over the phone to get started right away in the process. The initial work over the phone is a critical part of why our retreat process is so complete and successful. We help you directly up front to speed up the process and then develop a teaching plan and a retreat package that will cover your needs.

A key part of the process is to focus on the friendship rather than the relationship.  In trying to fix relationships, a couple often hurts their basic friendship that started the whole relationship.  Once we get your friendship back on track, it’s then possible to heal communication conflicts that have arisen over time.

As the process shifts from the phone to the physical retreat here in Hawaii, we will have already established a protocol that matches to your situation. This creates a deeper trust that gives our retreat the edge to resolve out the more complicated problems. Our VIP couples retreat moves in a more complete manner than a conventional couples retreat.

During your couple retreat, we will have sessions with both partners together and also separately to best balance out the growth of your friendship.

We have created many unique teachings you will not find anywhere else to deepen and improve relationships. You can start learning these teachings before you come out on the retreat so we can begin deepening your relationship even before you come out for your retreat.

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Save and Improve Your Relationship
Save and Improve Your Relationship

When relationship problems start, often times the instinctual reactions of the partners intensify and speed up the arguments. Arguments will lead to a breakdown of communication and  judgement between the two partners increase. Ultimately judgement breaks many couples apart. Julie and Casey will work with each person directly to release judgements that are pushing you both apart and improve communication. Once we get you and your partner to a non judgmental friendship, a new trust and relationship can be built.

An important step for healing a friendship is to create space and change up everyone’s routine. A retreat to Hawaii can be the ideal solution to create space and change up the routine of life. Our retreat will give you time to re-examine the whole situation and find new answers.

Couple Retreat Details

The length of time of a couples retreat matches to your life situation and can run from 2 to 14 days in length. The ideal VIP couple retreat usually is a week:  4 days of retreat and 3 days of vacation and personal time.

Contact us directly to ask about costs and to arrange your retreat.

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A Lasting Relationship
A simple change in perception can change your relationship. See your partner as being unique and it will deepen your relationship.
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