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We’re so grateful to our students, and we are now looking forward to giving back more through Patreon. We know many people who contact us don’t do personal sessions with us, and we’d like Patreon to be a place where we highlight the insights and wisdom that arise through our weekly teaching sessions. We’d like to share these teachings on Relationships, Taoism, Midlife, Shamanism, Herbalism, and Spiritual Practices with a broader community – where everyone benefits from this work. We’ll post the raw teachings, not meant for our public blog or website.

Our website is a continually evolving art form, and we’ve put 15 years of work into it. We take pride in the final articles, blog posts, audios, and videos we create and share. Most of our work is offered for free, and we’re looking forward to making our blog posts and articles even more accessible through Patreon via direct emails.

If you’re new to Patreon, basically this is a place where if you like our creations such as our website, articles, blogs, audios, and videos and want to support us in sharing them more, creating more, as well as building more community, this is the place you can do that.


Midlife HelpIn this global initiation that we are all a part of, all of us are being asked to go deeper, dream bigger and stand strong together. And, so, we are expanding our circle of patrons so that we may all continue to go deeper together. We’re excited to offer patron-only materials through a dynamic process, listening to your input and creating a team to help us shape future materials!

As a Personal Tao patron, we also hope you’ll get involved more in the Personal Tao and Awakening Dragon global community through our polls, group chats and live stream.

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