Midlife Crisis Counseling  Steps

Finding solutions for a midlife crisis is challenging.

For midlife individuals, you face a rejection of social support. You have a deep need to start fresh, at a time of life when starting fresh can be risky and often causes you no end of problems.

For midlife couples, you face this contradiction:

  • A midlifer needs to find advice that moves them ahead and works with promoting their change rather than trying to go back to the old life.
  • A partner of a midlifer needs reassurance and assistance to make sure change doesn’t happen too fast.

Nine out of ten of my students have shown and proven to me that traditional counseling fails terribly for a midlife transition. Most of our students come to us after traditional counseling fails or almost always the case, made their relationship fall apart faster.

Julie and I have created a new and balanced teaching/support system for people in midlife. Our unique teaching style balances the needs between both midlifers and their partners. We offer clear, effective direction for people working to change their life. It’s always one step ahead and learning from each challenge you face with our process. We will help you avoid the traps of midlife crisis while still ensuring your independence and personal development.

Mid Life Counseling with Casey Kochmer
Meeting Casey

Casey has spent twenty years, both personally exploring and understanding the nature of a midlife crisis. He works with others to provide an outside perspective and guidance to transform confusion into direction and removes anxiety to reveal clarity.

Midlife help is all about teaching skills and perspective required to move ahead gracefully in life. For the average person, the process is 75% teaching and 25% counseling. Because of this blended approach, the midlife counseling process Casey teaches resolves out much faster than traditional counseling and is also more effective.

MidLife Help
Grow in Midlife Transformation

Midlife Direction

Casey will teach you how to move around being stuck and turn it all into a time of positive growth. This process not only allows a person to re-balance themselves in the first month, but also it also teaches a person how to thrive during their midlife crisis and then become the person they dream to be.

Crisis, by definition, breaks even the strongest person down. Transformation is the proper path to handling your situation and means learning new ways to grow. Women in midlife crisis will need additional help overcoming sexism and other social problems that arise during midlife. Men will need some reassurance to break free of roles they created earlier in their life. This is why a guide is so important now, to show you a path around crisis and help you avoid the many pitfalls.

Our testimonials speak for the effectiveness of our teaching process.

I can’t say enough about my work with Casey. His intuition runs deep and his ability to follow my process–and be right there with me in a space that sometimes has no words–is astounding. His creative way of seeing things is liberating and life-changing. If you are seeking support and expansion during a period of transformation in your life, and you want someone who will honor your spirit, your process, and your individual needs, please consider working with him.

This process will change your life with kindness and grace. Don’t think you have to do this alone! At times we all need a helping hand at the most critical times of our lives to become the most we dream to be.

We work over the phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom and in retreats.

Teaching Life Change

Casey guides others by looking into their situation closely and then creates a custom plan. From his teachings, you will find a path that moves around the problems, and in many cases even uses the problems for your advantage, in life.

Transformation is the active process of learning how to expand upon your nature to be yourself without boundaries.

Counseling Transformation

I have been helping others transform into new lives for over twenty years now. I can help you grow through all the challenges from marriage problems, retirement, losing a job, to kick-starting a whole new life. Midlifers change how they view life and often improve their lifestyles, start exploring meditation, and begin exercising again to live better. Midlife touches every part of your life.  When you work with us, you are never alone, and we will help you face all the aspects of midlife.

So many paths exist for each person to find their way. Many people resist midlife changes and try to tune everything out. Yet the more you resist change, the more that problems will catch up to you. Surprisingly it often doesn’t take a lot of help to get a person in a better situation. Many people are at the cusp of change and only need a helping hand to balance on that cusp, for a chance to look around and truly become more.

It can be a trap to be too much the adult. I remember during my midlife change how shocked I was to find that I needed to learn how to date again! I dived into that experience and turned it around to learn and then help others date. My point is that we never stop growing in life, and midlife is a time to discover how to redefine yourself as an adult. It is a humbling experience to discover you are exploring a whole new aspect of maturing in life.

If our nature is to change, it means we grow every day. Embrace change and create a better life.

Our society doesn’t help people change, it typically either forces people with peer pressure, medication, and pre-packaged entertainment to become happy little zombies or it kicks them out. As one student of mine said: he found himself to be disposable and then pushed to the edge of society. To those feeling like they have been ‘disposed of” or are having problems with what is expected of you, it’s time to drop that role and just start fresh. Think about it for a second, if society has pushed you out, then why stay in a situation that no longer fits your life?

To truly be human is to accept the fact that during midlife, our inner child wakes up, with needs to explore and play every day. Transformation balances your child and adult sides at the same time.

Take our helping hand to lead you to answers of who you are in the heart. To play again and always becoming more in that exploration. To those who are strong enough to do this, they become future leaders because anyone strong enough to be themselves entirely, by default becomes a role model to others in how to live life.

If you feel you are on the cusp of change, then take the chance to look about, once you do, you will be surprised at how many options will open up!

Making Midlife Work For You

Getting Help
Restarting a Better Life
Replace anxiety with enlightenment.
Turn crisis into transformation!

It’s quite hard to describe in words how Casey has impacted my life. One of the things he’s taught me is the futility of trying to verbalize deeper concepts. So I’ll just focus on the outcomes. I was utterly lost when I first started working with Casey. Personally and professionally. In working with him, I’ve been able to take what has been a real crisis and turn it into a fundamental transformation. Casey teaches concepts by illuminating them within your own life experience. The lesson is crystal clear when you can learn against your own situations. He teaches us to view things within the core concepts of kindness, grace, non-judgment, and modesty. The amount I’ve learned in just a year is astounding.

When I first started working with Casey, I was ready to find my teacher. And there he was. For that, I’m grateful and excited for what lies ahead.

If any of you have the opportunity to do a retreat with Casey and Julie, DO IT! They are gracious hosts, fantastic teachers, and good friends. It was very special to be able to ease into the next phase of my life in Hilo. And the scenery is pretty good too.

Using Midlife Crisis to Make My Life Better
Using Midlife Crisis to Make My Life Better


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