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“If I can’t dance,
I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”

-Emma Goldman

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Movement healing is a critical part of the growth in a Midlife Transformation. Any person experiencing Mid Life Transformation should spend three days a week working in a movement practice that lasts 1 to 2 hours per session. It could be walking, biking, hiking, running, dance, swimming, martial arts, Qi-Gong or a thousand other possible practices. Julie and I teach yoga, qi-gong and ecstatic dance as movement healing tools to help in the process of change. When exploring any movement healing practice at midlife, it’s important to pace it, so you don’t burn out and work out in a practice that you truly enjoy. If you don’t enjoy the practice, then you need to switch out and experiment until you find a movement practice that you do enjoy.

Movement healing helps to counteract depression. Movement brings back together aspects of your life that have been lost or have gotten out of balance over the years. MidLife Transformation is a time when your body is re-shifting and re-balancing itself dramatically. Movement helps the body in this growth process re-center. MidLife Transformation is more than just wanting a new job: deep inside the mind, body and spirit are jumping at a chance for change, to grow. Working through a midlife crisis requires movement, to help it all come together and shift one’s life.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient movement practice connecting a person back into their very own breath.

Breath is the very foundation of how we live. Stop breathing you stop living. How you breathe is critically important to how you live.

Life moves to your Breath!

The quality of life is directly related to the quality of how you breathe in your life. So learning how to work with your breath, dramatically adds to your capacity to grow.


Yoga is an ancient movement practice helping a person re-shape their body to more clearly focus their essence. If you don’t take care of the body by exercising it, it just changes by decaying.

To change without decay requires you to exercise.

Our bodies are the lens that focuses our very spirit into action. Yoga keeps the body strong, so we can be in action at the very moment of life when in transformation we are redefining our life.


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Ecstatic dance

Ecstatic dance is an ancient movement practice that has been revered as a way to meditate, evoke visionary experience, and connect with spirit and nature. It is a powerful tool for healing the body, mind, and heart. Most importantly:

Spirit is the movement of life.

To dance is to embolden your very spirit, to kindle a spark that can re-engage the mind and body back into a new direction of life.

Movement Healing

To Move

Once you begin to move mind, body, and spirit in unison, you are then by definition are within a dance! Starting to move in life also then connects you to connect to your spirit. In this, you will discover movement becomes a form of medicine to heal a life gone stale. While many people are afraid of the word “dance”, once beginning to move, many will embrace the word dance since it does capture the essence and interplay of joy found in movement.

To heal is to become whole.

These movement practices put together help a person bring back: Mind, Body and spirit to balance as a whole. It is a very deep healing process.

Movement For Midlife Transformation

All of these movement practices help restore the vital flow of energy in the body and recover lost parts of your life in the process. Because this movement increases our awareness of our very life, it also then becomes a moving meditation. Movement healing helps awaken our awareness and to begin again finding our life.

In the Modern World, more and more people live a stationary life with a very active mind. The body decays while the mind becomes too tired to see clearly. Looking around the world, we can find many practices that counteract the negative aspects of a motionless lifestyle.

In places such as Botswana, Africa where the Bushmen practice ecstatic dance weekly, the body gets to be active and surprisingly, the mind settles down. Ecstatic dance is a path to increase energy in the body and at the same time, focus the mind and open the heart!

In China, Qi-gong is a longevity practice which enables people to live longer and healthier lives.

In India Yoga is the key to living a happier life.

Mid Life crisis is when you stop moving in life and break down to become… defined by broken and then Nothing!

MidLife Transformation is when you restart moving in your life, to bring together mind , body and spirit to become whole again.

As a result, this movement practice does become a source of personal discovery, wonder, and healing. As we practice over time, we fill our bodies more fully, feel our emotions more fluidly, and think with more clarity. We practice being ourselves and are inspired to live our life with more connection, joy, and grace.

Movement for Healing and Transformation

Guidance and healing are offered in person, over the phone or as a personal retreat. All guidance sessions are at a reasonable time for time rate. Dance can be part of your healing path!

Julie can help teach private movement sessions from anywhere in the world to help you grow and explore your transformation in a deeper fashion.


Watch our 2-hour class to help you understand and heal from anger and anxiety.

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Well, I wish I would’ve found this site in June of 2012 when I left the most secure job in the world for a high stressful job that I was fired from 13 months after (and I’ve been unemployed after 9 months at another job that I was fired from). I’m realizing now that I was at the beginning of the mid life transformation when I left that super secure job (I was feeling dead inside doing the job). I’ll be 40 in August and I know I have time left but at the same time, my wife and I… Read more »

Just found this site today. I believe it is me 36 year old man with kids and wife going through this MLC. Here is the list of the stuff that makes me certain: 1. Wanting a younger 18-24 year old girl as a partner 2. Gambling, smoking, and drinking. 3. Not being able to concentrate at work 4. Not happy with life in general 5. Many more strange stuff I feel like I am an irresponsible teenager with responsibilities. Worst part is knowing the right course of action and doing the opposite. Basically, I am going nuts. This too shall… Read more »

You are welcomed Sam!

Take the time to grow in your precious mid life transformation!

Casey – thank you so much for your message and this site!

@Sam: Yes you are in mid life transforming into a wonderful new life and the movement / exercise really helps a person in change find balance and grow in a more graceful manner. Other people do not understand this process: force it to become a mid life crisis with their judgement and in this judgement will falsely claim you have a problem. But it is they who have a problem with you and your mid life changes. So from their perspective it isn’t a false judgement but rather reflects the fact that they are unable to cope with a Midlife… Read more »

I am moving through this process, not really knowing what’s happening to me; thought I was unsatisfied in my relationship… Looks like maybe that was the tip of the iceberg. I am going through a midlife transition! I’m going very clumsily though… So I realize after reading this and related pages, it makes sense to me how cathartic dancing really was! But my partner thought I was crazy to want to dance! That simple action on my part, to actually take time to dance was enough to have people judge me as being crazy! But I feel valid right now.… Read more »

Society try’s to destroy us with the compartmenalization of our minds and body’s. Learn to say no to its norms and to rewrite its script. Look to the things we tossed away as we grew older, a lot of times these things can help us rediscover who we are, as we tossed away parts of ourselves to fit the mold of the adult world. It’s a powerfully tool, use it wisely…but play! Go out and learn to play again, just for the joy of it.

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