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One goal of the Personal Tao site is helping each person discover how to be whole. The healing articles found on our site will give you a wide range of tools and teachings to use in your healing process.

What is Healing?

It’s critical to understand what healing means.

To heal: is to make whole.

A fundamental problem that limits any healing process is: not understanding what being whole is all about.

Being alive includes the challenges of life. The process to overcome/grow from our challenges shape us in a very tangible manner. As a result, healing must take into account how a person works with the challenges of their life.

As examples:

  • To just take a pill to cure an illness doesn’t resolve lifestyle and other factors that define and then manifest in that person’s illness.
  • To only run away from abuse doesn’t take into account what drove a person into abuse.

It’s critical to learn from our challenges and change in relation to those challenges in order to truly be whole.

Take the time to find your wholeness, one step at a time! Explore A Personal Tao to help understand all the angles that will play into your wholeness! Each healing article will give you another piece of your healing puzzle.

“The Chinese medical system is based primarily on Taoism, which claims that it’s not just your physical well-being that determines your health, but also your behavior toward others. The doctor was part priest, part martial artist, part scholar, and part empirical scientist. But most of all, he was a teacher. And he not only taught you about diet and exercise, but also guided you psychologically and spiritually to become a better person, because that would shape your health. The doctor tried to teach people the best way to live their lives.”
(From an interview with Bill Moyers)

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