Change Your Boxes

Stuck in life? Then it’s time to change perspective and flip yourself outside the box.

Tired of thinking out of the box? Well, sometimes it’s good to rethink inside a few ignored old boxes or to explore other boxes altogether.

The whole point of the saying “think outside your box” is to change perspective. With a change of perspective comes options, potential, and growth for a person.

Flipping perspective is one of the most powerful tools you will encounter in life. Flipping is part of larger practice that I teach called Spiritual Jiu-jitsu. A martial art to use in day to day life.

Changing Perspective - Inside the box

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Spiritual Jiu-jitsu

Flipping is spiritual Jiu-jitsu’s lesson number one.

When frustrated:  flip the frustration around to learn from it and grow from it.

Another lesson of spiritual Jiu-jitsu. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Play, try and retry till you flow smoothly. Changing perspective isn’t easy, it takes patience. With persistence, we get better and smooth out our actions. Few people ever admit how much work it took to get into their power. Acceptance of our rougher steps polishes the larger path into smoothness.

As humans are very physical beings, -> people tend to react spiritually in a physical manner. Spiritual Jiu-jitsu flips this around to teach a person how to react spiritually against spiritual challenges. More powerfully, spiritual Jiu-jitsu also teaches how to also react spiritually to physical challenges.

Initial Spiritual Jiu-jitsu Homework

Learn to pause. Pause expands our awareness. Awareness will open additional options in each situation you face.

The place to first practice pausing is before diving into more complicated situations. This is especially true in communication. So pause before conversations and notice what you do automatically. Then pause within your conversations occasionally. Watch how you and others are reacting within each conversation. Practice awareness within your conversations to spot the various patterns in play. Pay attention to what you resist, what you do automatically, what you assume. Practicing this type of awareness allows a person to avoid conflict in conversations and be more effective in working with others.

Julie and Casey can help teach you spiritual Jiu-jitsu.

Changing Perspective isn’t One Dimensional

The biggest mistake people make is to force a flip into being a binary process: A yes or no, positive or negative set of options.

For example, Most people only flip slow into fast.

The reality is you can flip slow into a thousand different perspectives.

Slow into pausing.
Slow into no action at all.
Slow into changing paths altogether.
Slow as in turtles.

Turtles? Yes, ideas can flip into associated ideas or concepts.

More powerfully -> a flip will often help a person leap intuitively into really strange but powerful options at times.

The process of flipping should be a very intuitive process that you can use to change your perspective radically. With a newer perspective, you can initiate bold and startling effective answers to solve your problems against.

To make flipping a logical process, people will typically force the flip into binary options. So a deep secret to changing perspective is to pause and stop thinking logically. This shuffles up your thoughts and permits your intuition space to find new options.  When done gracefully the art of flipping redefines the problem at hand and shifts your perspective into different concepts to explore.

Flipping a Negative Experience

A common statement you will hear people say in spiritual work is:

That *negative event* was such a powerful gift.

The *negative event* could be Grief, Separation, Pain, Disastrous Event, Etc

I teach a person to flip the negative experience into a positive process to grow against.

Grief or any other negative event represents a painful edge. However, if we explore the edge, we can discover hidden gifts. A positive process of exploration and proactive actions can turn negative edges into positive growth experiences.

Respect the edge but put your emphasis of actions into flipping the experience over the edge.

In this manner, you never empower the negative experience, and you always grow from it.

Change Perspective with Grace

We cycle, spin, fall down, climb, explore, dare, cry. In other words: we live.

It’s all part of being alive.

As long as you don’t judge yourself, you will grow. Making it through the low points, even if crawling or climbing against the curb, means rediscovering patience with yourself, taking the time to use the lowness, to turning it all around, flipping it into something to find grace against.

Our experiences always add up, even seemingly the negative ones and are all useful for something.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Life already has hardness built into it.

What isn’t built into life is grace.

Grace evolves out from our choices.

Grace. We act to it, we enliven it, and this is one reason why grace is so treasured because it only happens by pushing into it, we have to earn it.

When feeling low, the flip action is to grow. Being low undercuts a person, so push to change the perspective towards what improves life. Release judgment, as judgment cuts a person down.  When being low, resist lashing yourself with judgment,. and you will ironically also discover that action of resisting self-judgment is grace.

Within that action, you will also be able to flip yourself back into growth.


Watch our 2-hour class to help you understand and heal from anger and anxiety.

Flipping Mistakes

Sometimes after having gone through hard times, a person can lose trust in their ability to move ahead. If this is the case for you: change perspective by flipping your feelings to trust yourself precisely because of having been in the mud

We all make mistakes, but also always learn, grow, and use the mistakes to add color to one’s life. It isn’t that we won’t make more mistakes, but now the difference is always taking time to learn/grow from your challenges and not to define yourself to the mistakes! This is a very big difference.

Mistakes change perspective. Sometimes it’s the mistake that creates growth!

Trust to do both better and to make mistakes to grow from occasionally. It’s important to learn how to flip mistakes into success. This becomes possible once you flip feeling guilty over your mistake into becoming about the experience of learning from your mistake.

It all comes back around to judgment locking a person down. To hold any mistake within judgment is to have that mistake being held forever against you. Flip away judgment into acceptance of living as a complete human being, complete with our mistakes that ironically reinforce our individuality.

If others cannot release their judgment of your mistakes: then it becomes your task to release those who limit and judge you in an abusive manner. Working with others and releasing other people’s judgments is harder advice to follow through upon. This is because on average, we try hard to obtain other people’s acceptance. At times when dealing with excessively judgmental peers, the only option we do get is to release them.

Mistakes are Interesting.

I don’t think of most mistakes as being mistakes, but as keys to understanding life in new angles. This may sound like silly positive counter-spin. How to turn something bad into good. But it’s more than that. This is understanding that we can and often do find truth in many places outside what we label as being “correct”.

As an example, I make my share of grammar or spelling mistakes. The ghosts of several English teachers haunt me, and perhaps I was sent to haunt them to get them to relax up a bit. But it’s more than that. I for sure don’t spell check as much as I should. It’s easier for me to talk frankly and simply without worrying about making everything perfect. Nothing in life is perfect.

One strange truth in mistakes, They help you learn/expand your connections, and they often help in amazing ways. I have learned to embrace the mistakes as part of the way I work & think. I use each mistake as leverage to flip my work around over time. The mistakes encourage me to revisit and rewrite my materials slowly over time as living documents that improve with time. I let the mistakes drive my work in an evolutionary manner.

In writing, I do three passes for spelling/grammar. I use several passes to change perspective. To shift from an intuitive mind to a literal mind.  Since when writing poetry, Taoism or topics that defy words, well, I am writing about concepts that don’t always fit in the boundaries of grammar or definitions. To think “literally” actually hinders how I normally work with people in an intuitive fashion. The point being… when working in/on Taoism or other similar practices, it can be hard for people to understand what Taoism is because they are thinking within pre-boxed literal manners. This is a variation of the classic Taoist statement you cannot learn if your mind is too full! I am showing this statement has many different truths, and it also refers to how you literally think (or to not think so literally).

Personal freedom is far outside the normal box which society has forced citizens to think in a dictionary legalistic manner within. Who you are will never be in a dictionary: perfectly defined as a single word spelt out in one well-defined manner.

For me, I am Casey, Kasey, Kc, Kasy, and all of the misspellings of my nature, name, and any statements I make. Each person is far more than just a correct “single” fixed version of living in perfect etiquette or a single version of yourself.

The Art of Apology

If you make a mistake a simple rule of thumb is:

You only apologize once.

Make the first apology sincere and graceful as you can. But then move on.

If you put too much energy in an apology (or worse make it many apologies), means giving your energy to being wrong rather than moving past a simple mistake. It means you are standing out on the problem, and those around you will then dig into the issue with more firm gusto to find guilt based on the fact you have focused your energy on being guilty.

We teach to remove judgment, to remove guilt in Taoism. Judgment and guilt just limit and decompose life down down down to less and fewer potentials.

Life needs these edges, our mistakes, to make it more interesting. Strangely people would usually rather be >less< over being **interesting**.

But always take the simple gafts as gifts since they are the mistakes that help prevent the bigger disasters later. They are our education process and early warning system of worse potential to flow around.

So be graceful in any apologies and move on.

Always move on.

We work over the phone and also offer healing retreats!

Humor Changes Perspective

Humor is often the most amazing way to flip ideas around. Never underestimate the power of humor to help a person escape bad times. Look at any comedian, and you will find a person using the power of humor to help them find answers to life’s problems.

Rolling with What Comes Your Way

At times you have to flip yourself, to roll with the times.

To roll with the times just means to flip your perspective to better match with larger social trends in motion. The advantage of rolling with the times is to use the extra energy to change perspective and to help push what you can do even farther.

Roll with what life gives you and you will go twice as far using the energy of change around you. :)

Change the perspective of what it means to be living within Great Times. We are not in good nor bad times. Good and bad are judgements. Great times mean we are in times of great change. Use the times to change perspective against and then flip like crazy.

Understand your tempo of life doesn’t have to be dictated by outside problems. We use those problems, take the energy and polish our life. Then with grace, add our  choices and allow our actions to control and shape our own destiny.

In this, we flip with the times rather than being flipped into becoming accident victims of a rapidly changing culture.

Understand and accept these are great times, how the terms good and bad gets applied in front of that term great… is actually based on your perspective and free will in picking your actions. The times don’t drive you, flip it and know you always drive yourself.

These are the greatest of times if you live as such!

Go Beyond Destination
Embrace Your Destiny!

Flip Endings Into New Beginnings.

Endings are when a person is forced to change perspective in life. Endings are merely a starting point for our next challenge.

In Taoism there are no end points. Life always shifts, pushing us to explore each new angle and potential.

Flip an ending around to discover sequels, new stories, or unexpected options. Endings make a person feel stuck. Flipping the ending, creates motion, and this new motion breaks a person out of being stuck.

Enjoy this practice of spiritual Jiu-jitsu, change perspective more often, flip and roll with life

Everyday life is a new story. Hold to this truth, and you will never feel stuck in your life.

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