Healing with Spiritual Light is a practice we can add to our current healing practices as well as a new way of working and living.  Reach for the light that is your true radiant self, stimulate others to shine and create healing through your strong bright presence!

Healing with Spiritual Light is offered as an ongoing remote course (6 phone or Skype sessions). When you sign up for this course, you will receive the 10-minute audio recording called Rattle, Body and Light Meditation.

Spiritual Light

Healing with Spiritual Light is an intermediate level course.  It’s recommended that you have some previous exposure to Shamanism or take Shamanism 101 first. This course builds on experiences in the world of spirit and teaches a cross-cultural spiritual healing technique. It’s helpful to have an established relationship with your power animals and feel comfortable journeying to the lower and upper spirit worlds.

Spiritual Light
  • Merge with the pure energy of your compassionate helping spirits
  • Connect to unlimited powers of the universe
  • Practice the ancient art of transfiguration
  • Stimulate your inner light to shine brightly
  • Shape-shift into your divinity
  • Experience states of love, light, and oneness
  • Learn grounding techniques
  • Use a drum or other instrument while transfiguring
  • Be a force for healing
  • Walk in your light

Healing with Spiritual Light is a powerful spiritual healing technique. In being the light, we stimulate others to shine which creates healing. This healing occurs for ourselves, everything and everyone around us.

Keep your light shining no matter what is going on, learn to shift energy and embrace miracles!

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