What is Soul?

Soul is the part of us that goes on without our body, even though it is held by our body now. Soul is the energy to follow our passions that connect to a higher purpose. Soul is a mind that is clear of complaint, doubt and worry. It’s able to make clear choices moment to moment.

We all know a soulful person when we see one.  They are comfortable in their own skin, feeling emotions fluidly as they arise and their thoughts are aligned with their higher purpose.

The soul can be free or it can be imprisoned by the ego. Spiritual Healing helps us free our soul.

Soul can also leave the body during times of stress and trauma. This is what we call soul loss.

Healing the Soul

A soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice that heals soul loss. Soul loss can occur whenever we have trauma in our life. For example, we may experience soul loss if we are in an accident, undergo a serious operation or if we suddenly lose a close friend or family member.

From a shamanic perspective, soul loss is a common cause of illness. Traditionally, a shamanic practitioner would conduct a soul retrieval within three days of someone experiencing trauma. If you’ve experienced soul loss you may try this guided meditation to an enchanted market as a step towards wholeness.

Today, modern shamanic practitioners seek lost soul parts that are willing to return from any point in life. It’s never too late to be whole!


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Working with Soul Loss

Soul loss is a helpful response in that it allows our essence to remove itself from suffering and pain. In her book, Soul Retrieval, Sandra Ingerman describes soul loss as “spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical disease…(and) losing crucial parts of ourselves that provide us with life and vitality.”  A soul retrieval is a shamanic method for bringing back those vital parts.

Soul loss is the experience of an essential part of us leaving, and soul retrieval is the experience of having that essential part retrieved and returned to you.  Many of us feel like we are missing an important part of ourselves or feel like we are not quite whole.  Sometimes we experience soul loss as a chronic illness or face ongoing emotions such as sadness and anger.

Relationships and Soul Loss

Many people experience soul loss in relationships. As a child, we may willingly have given our soul parts to friends as part of play or had our soul parts stolen unconsciously by a family member. As an adult, we may experience soul loss in an abusive or traumatic relationship. Even the unexpected ending of a relationship may cause a loss of our vital essence. At midlife people often feel this loss and reach out to find answers.

When a person starts calling their soul parts back, gathering themselves up and having their vital essence returned, often they find that their current relationships may shift. For example, after a soul retrieval, a client recently found herself letting go of her best friend. The relationship was no longer serving her whole self. To her surprise, releasing the judgemental friendship also opened her up to two new friendships. Here is what she shared:

In the last 3 weeks I have made 2 new really great friends (former acquaintances) who approached me and befriended me!! I was totally astonished because these are both women that I have tremendous respect for and are both much more aligned with the journey of inner peace that I am on!

When we are missing parts of our self, we pull in people who are also fragmented. If we suppress our anger, we often find our self with someone who expresses it. If we give our power away, we often find our self with people who love to take it.

Once we are whole, we attract relationships with people that are also whole. Being whole, we find our self in more moments of acceptance, grace and peace. In this way, we welcome more supportive, graceful and peaceful relationships.

Preventing Soul Loss

Soul loss helps protect us in times of trauma. For example, if I’m about to be in an auto accident, soul loss helps minimize the trauma. Preventing soul loss during the crash wouldn’t make sense. However, after I survive the trauma, I need to ensure my soul parts come home to me and aren’t still hanging out on the highway. Part of preventing soul loss is taking time to heal after trauma to ensure you are whole again.

At times, our soul parts may be taken without our permission. This is more common for children and people with less power. One thing we can do to prevent this type of soul loss is to build up our mana (spiritual power) and protect children from abusers of power. To better understand what we mean by power, we recommend you watch our free video called Power Up.


5 Thursdays beginning August 5th, 2021
Time: 9 – 10 am Hawaii Standard
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Soul Retrieval

Soul loss can occur at any age, and a soul retrieval can be done whenever a person is ready for transformation.  Sometimes we remember specific events in life that changed us – for the worse – physically, emotionally and mentally. Then, we realize we’re ready to heal, be inspired and move on!

The results of a soul retrieval are unique for everyone. Some people will experience joy, curiosity, or expansiveness and others will feel quiet, still and sleepy after a soul retrieval. After I had my first soul retrieval, I remember going to a bookstore with my young daughter and being completely captivated by the children’s books. It was as if I’d suddenly joined the kids club and I understood the deeper magic of the stories. I remember feeling renewed captivation with the joy of life.  Ultimately, you should feel as if a part of you has returned home.

Preparing for a Soul Retrieval

As with most things in life, preparation can help the whole experience of spiritual healing go smoother.  Here are a few suggestions that will help you prepare for your soul retrieval:

  • Choose a time for the soul retrieval where you can have time for yourself afterward
  • Refrain from alcohol and other mind-altering substances 24 hours before and after your soul retrieval
  • Ask for a healing dream to help you receive your soul essence the night before your soul retrieval session
  • If you’d like, you can bring a quartz crystal to your soul retrieval to help catch the soul essence
  • Spend time connecting to nature before and after your soul retrieval
  • Think of a metaphor to help you absorb the light of your essence such as a flower soaking up the sun
  • Ask someone to be present during your soul retrieval to welcome you home and also drive if needed
  • Consider any looping patterns in your life that you are ready to release
  • Practice Piko Piko or another light visualization/energy practice you love


6 Wednesdays beginning August 4th, 2021
Time: 3:30 – 4:30 pm Hawaii Standard Time
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Receiving a Soul Retrieval

To conduct a soul retrieval, if it has been over three days since the soul loss occurred, modern shamanic practitioners are often required to do some detective work to find the lost soul.  They look for the lost soul in the spirit worlds with the help of their power animals and spirit teachers.

A shamanic practitioner may receive information that helps narrow down when, where and why the soul loss occurred.  For example, they may visualize a kid riding on a bus and the soul flying into the air.  Most shamanic practitioners receive an approximate age of the soul loss.

When the part of your soul is found, the shamanic practitioner and their helping spirits engage with the lost soul and invite it to come back home.  At times, a lost soul may be cared for in the spirit world by an ancestor, power animal or guardian.  Sometimes a lost soul has been stolen, and the shamanic practitioner and spirit helpers will negotiate its return.

The shamanic practitioner returns with the essence that is a part of you.  They will return this vital essence to you by blowing it into your heart and the crown of your head.  They may also blow it into a crystal or use another method to transfer the essence back to you.  Rattling and other instruments are often used at the end of a soul retrieval to welcome the soul back home.

Welcome your soul back with an open body, heart, and mind.  While the shamanic practitioner is retrieving and returning the soul, the recipient can use a metaphor to visualize absorbing the light of their essence.

A soul retrieval often includes a healing story or message. A shamanic practitioner may give you a healing story about the soul essence that is returning to you. It may be a strong creative force or a deep inner knowing that returns to you. It may be an excited, vibrant, younger part of you returning to life.

The shamanic practitioner will often work with you after the soul retrieval to realize the gifts returning to you and actions that will help ground the experience in your physical reality.

Long-Distance Soul Retrieval

A long-distance Soul Retrieval is a series of three spiritual healing sessions over the phone, WhatsApp or Zoom.

The initial session is a time to explain the process, for you to ask questions and to do an opening ceremony together. Usually, there are a few things that come up for you to do to prepare for your soul retrieval.  We do the soul retrieval at the second session after you’ve had the time you need to prepare.  The third session is a follow up session to help you continue integrating the soul essence and we do a closing ceremony.

To schedule a soul retrieval, Contact Julie and let her know your city/timezone as well as preferred days/times for beginning.

Julie completed Sandra Ingerman’s Soul Retrieval Training in October, 2014 and is listed as a shamanic practitioner. She’s performed hundreds of soul retrievals.

Julie also teaches online personalized one on one sessions as well as a 6-week small group Introduction to Shamanism via Zoom.


5 Tuesdays beginning Aug 31, 2021
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Contact Julie & Casey

Email: OneRiverLLC@gmail.com
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All sessions are by appointment only.
Over Phone, Internet and In Person.

Learning Shamanism

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Julie and learn Shamanism. During the time I stumbled across their website, I was dealing with anxiety, having the busy-doing attitude versus being in the flow. Now, twelve weeks later, my anxiety is basically gone, and I feel more in tune with myself, my intuition, and with Spirit. There are things I have been wanting to change and things I wanted to do, and now since working with Julie I’ve been able to make those changes very easily and naturally. The best action I’ve done was reach out to Julie and explore the world of Shamanism with her as my teacher. She truly is a gift to those who work with her.

Learning Shamanism
Learning Shamanism


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Guided Meditation

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Use these meditations to help you begin to create a sacred space for yourself in your day to day life! You can practice these meditations, again and again, to reflect, heal and gain inspiration and find guidance.

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I would love to do this, still trying to survive after the traumatic way I lost my dad. Just can’t seem to get out of depression or get motivated. Its been almost 3 yrs. I probably can’t afford it anyway.

Aloha Tricia! I emailed you the details for scheduling a long-distance soul retrieval with me. Please let me know if I can support you on your healing journey to be whole.

Hi I’m interested I’m either soul retrieval or shamanic healing. Can you please send me details? I’m in the UK.

Aloha Helen! I just emailed you the details for a long-distance Soul Retrieval. Due to the time difference between Hawaii and the UK, your evenings are the best time for a session. Let me know if you have questions.

My girlfriend has had many traumatic life experiences, suffers depression,ptsd, and anxiety. We have discussed reclaiming the pieces of her soul that that were stolen as a child . I released the soul pieces that have been given freely to me because she needs them herself. I’m sure they will return in time. How does the process begin . Location is Australia

How do I enter the program and do use use mdma for trauma after childhood issues that have carried through my relationships and generally life. Depression isolation despair loss of loved one. Poor choices

I require a soul retrieval. I am from India. Please state the cost.

I am from Malaysia. How much for 3 sessions please?

I would like to have a soul retrieval.

Hello , I need a soul retrieval , please send me details to get one , thank you , by the way I am in south africa

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